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Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Karachi Electric Supply Company condemns union’s hostile rally at Chief Executive Officer Residence

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has strongly condemned the hostile labour union rally outside the residence of CEO on Thursday where union miscreants demonstrated their unlawful, violent and indecent attitude by hurling violent threats and coercive slogans.

The public utility has demanded of the civil authorities to carry out their constitutional and legal responsibility of protecting life of citizens. The KESC has questioned the motionless presence of law enforcement personnel at various offices of KESC which amounted to criminal negligence.

The KESC has said that the continuing neglect of authorities and law enforcement agencies towards their constitutional and legal responsibilities, since May 9, has blown the labour issue out of proportion, to the extent that the miscreants now attack KESC people and property in front of law enforcement agencies freely and without any fear.

The KESC believes that a few hundred union miscreants have paralyzed the largest power supply company of the country and taken around 20 million citizens of the Metropolis as hostage only because the government has not been performing its job of providing protection to the life, property, business and liberty of citizens as envisaged in the Constitution.

Three of five unions of the striking alliance have already distanced themselves from the violent protests and criminal activities being deployed by a small group of people who are driven by their own personal agendas. They have also supported the VSS scheme offered by the management a few days back.

The KESC understands that although the government has symbolically posted personnel of law enforcement agencies at some of the KESC offices and installations as silent observers who are perhaps not instructed to provide due protection to the employees and offices in the spirit of Sindh High Court orders and the normal law of land.

The KESC has, in the meanwhile, received messages and calls from a large number of concerned citizens who expressed their solidarity with KESC people who are still serving the city despite extremely hostile and unprotected environment. They asked in surprise as to why the government had been giving an illegal free hand to a handful of union miscreants. These citizens conveyed their demand to the government to protect life of citizens and take immediate punitive action against KESC union culprits involved in criminal activities.

The KESC has thanked all those citizens who expressed their concerns and supported KESC’s relentless efforts to maintain its service levels to the best of its ability. They have also demanded of the government to implement the orders of Sindh High Court for removing permanent blockages from the roads and footpaths outside KESC head office and dozens of other important business and maintenance offices all across the City, ensure safety of employees and pre-empt the union’s blockade of repair and maintenance work.

Since May 9, more than 151 KESC employees of various levels have been beaten and tortured by union miscreants who also adversely impacted two power plants, temporarily shut down two grid stations, damaged 27 cables and conductors, destroyed 26 vehicles, burnt or tempered 19 substations, damaged the IT infrastructure five times, and, damaged and disabled 20 feeders and transformers. One senior security officer and an employee of outsourced company working for KESC have been murdered.

The KESC has terminated the services of 38 employees on June 30 who were involved in subversive attacks on Central Stores and head offices in which a number of people were injured and many vehicles were damaged. That brings the total number of sacked employees to 139 since May 29 who were identified while carrying out subversive attacks and acts of sabotage against the company’s employees, offices, installations, equipment and infrastructure, and on related charges. Those sacked on June 30 include: Sardar Tehmoor Khan, Abdul Aziz Khan, Muhammad Abbas, Abdul Qadir, Rahat Shah, Abid Amin, Mohammed Mustafa, Qutub Uddin, Raj Muhammad, Waris Khan, Muhammad Hanif Khan, Gul Zarin, M. Rasheed Khan, Amin Javed, Ghulam Haider, Mohammed Atif, Rashid Azeem, Syed Shameen Akbar, Shoukat Ali, Mohammad Sajid, Gul Yar, Shah Khalid, Amir Nawab, Tariq Mehmood, Abdul Wahid Kazmi, Muhammad Saeed Khan, Manzoor Ahmed, Muhammad Asif Khan, Farooq Khan, Bashir Ahmed, Afsar Ali Khan, Hakim Ali, Ghulam Rasool Abbasi, Ghulam Murtaza, Sard Ali Khan, Gul Janan, Abdul Majeed, Rashid Haroon.

For more information, contact:
Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
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