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Karachi Electric Supply Company demands Government to get offices vacated from miscreants

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has expressed great dismay over the administration’s silent spectator’s role when the armed miscreants have taken illegal possession of KESC’s operational nerve centre LDC and other important offices despite imposition of section 144 and clear directives of Sindh High Court.

The KESC believes that the Government needs to enforce law and the superior courts’ judgments and get all KESC offices reopened immediately at all costs.

The armed hooligans kept the night shift employees as hostages inside the KESC head offices. Senior management and other staff were forcefully stopped from entering their places of work at head offices, State Life Building and all the major offices and installations. The government has been avoiding playing its legal role to support the public service power utility to perform its responsibilities in a peaceful and tension free manner.

The miscreants laid siege at the Load Dispatch Centre (LDC) of the KESC which is the most sensitive nerve centre of electricity distribution system for the whole City. Any mishandling and tempering of the LDC could result in grave consequences. The Government needs to use force to remove the miscreants from these offices immediately.

The situation at KESC’s main offices in State Life Building was very violent as the union miscreants organised in groups and moved in with sticks threatening the employees present in the building. Some employees were beaten up. The attackers threw volleys of bricks and stones at the employees who tried to take shelter in the nearby places.

Early morning at Liaquatabad Grid Station, about 10 unknown persons entered the premises and tried to force entry into the control room. However, the duty staff members locked themselves into the control room and did not let the miscreants to temper with the Grid machinery. The attackers left after breaking wind screens and glasses of the maintenance vehicles standing in the parking and also smashed boundary wall lights.

Late night on June 9, fire broke out in the Delhi Mercantile substation completely gutting the transformer room along with the equipment there. According to initial assessment of the incident, the fire cannot be attributed to overload conditions or any other technical reason, as the Low Tension Panel and associated cables along with the High Tension switches are serviceable.

It was gathered that miscreants entered the transformer room and threw flammable material on the transformer. The same is also confirmed by not only the physical condition of the transformer but also through statements of local witnesses, who saw two people arriving at motorcycle and entering the substation and escaping after throwing flammable material in the transformer room, soon after which the fire erupted. This clearly confirmed an act of sabotage.

The Sindh High Court has issued orders to the administration and police and rangers to keep the KESC offices and installation safely protected from the union agitation and protest demonstrations but these orders are being blatantly violated by the miscreants and the administration and law enforcement agencies have not been taking any action. The apex court has also issued contempt notices to union for violating its orders.

The KESC demands that the Government fulfil its constitutional and legal responsibilities to get the utility’s offices vacated from the illegal control of union miscreants and allow the management and employees to work.

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Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
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