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Karachi Electric Supply Company demands security to all employees, offices, installations amidst continuing attacks by union

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company managed to open its head offices with the help of local police on Wednesday. A convoy of police mobiles comprising of Gizri police and KESC’s own police escorted the management vehicles inside the head offices while the union miscreants were still besieging the building.

While appreciating help of local police the KESC has expressed hope that the executive authorities and law enforcement agencies would also provide security at all other offices and installations of the power utility to ensure smooth functioning. The KESC said that special protection would be needed for the repair and maintenance teams which the union miscreants had specifically been targeting along the past over 40 days sabotage campaign.

The miscreants have been blocking all repair and development work plus meter reading and bill distribution. They have besieged all operational, business and maintenance offices of KESC with an obvious aim of paralyzing the City life. The KESC has been demanding official security and protection for its employees, assets and installations under the normal law and the orders of Sindh High Court.

A number of union hooligans gathered around VIBC North Nazimabad Wednesday morning and manhandled several employees arriving to join their work. The miscreants also cut down fiber connections and communication links from main IT network and stole cables affecting the entire internet functioning of the power utility. The miscreants stayed around the network and pre-empted all efforts of KESC’s IT Division to restore the link and communication. All wireless circuits were down as cables were damaged. Main junction box was also removed and stolen. A patch of 1.5 kilometre fiber cable was stolen from Nazimabad KESC office disrupting the fiber link. IBC Ziauddin link was also affected after union miscreants stole about 500 meter patch of fiber.

The union miscreants also stole bushing to panel leads along with low tension bush bars from Sea View Substation No. 9. The hooligans also attacked and damaged two KESC maintenance vehicles JX-5050 and KM-7781 and injured drivers Shafeeq and Ramzan.

The KESC understands that the civil administration and law enforcement agencies need to stop the subversive activities by union to provide KESC conducive atmosphere to function and provide best possible services to the customers.

For more information, contact:
Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
2nd Floor, State Life Building No 11, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi
Tel: +9221 9920 7163
Cell: +92346 822 3641


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