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Friday, July 30th, 2021

Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited asks for removal of rainwater from roads for carrying out fault repair work

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Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has expressed concern over the existence of rainwater pools standing at a number of roads, streets and lanes across the City making it impossible for the underground maintenance teams to repair cable faults in these areas.

KESC has urged the City District Government and Water and Sewerage Board to make immediate arrangements for removal of water and cleaning of mud from around the electricity installations in order to enable the utility to carry out repair work at the rain-affected electric distribution infrastructure.

Power supply continued in over 90 per cent of the City areas during rains as per schedule. Many feeders were deliberately switched off in the inundated areas for safety reasons. A number of substations and ground-based transformers were found deep under water which had also been switched off for obvious safety reasons. These could only be restored till the water was removed or dried up from the locations.

Wherever possible, KESC maintenance teams worked on war footings to repair local faults. KESC continued to supply uninterrupted electricity to all sewerage pumping stations in order to assist the Water and Sewerage Board in draining the standing water at the earliest.

Mr. Shakeel Baig, Chairman CRPC, said in a message that it was a commendable performance by KESC to continue supplying power to more than 90 per cent areas of the City during such heavy monsoon downpour.

A total of 110 feeders had tripped because of continuing heavy rains from Monday evening to Tuesday noon representing around 9 per cent of KESC supply network. Majority of these feeders were put on as and when the safety clearance was given by the field operations.

KESC also reiterated advice to the general public to follow maximum safety measures and strictly refrain from using kunda connections, touching electricity poles and other outside and home appliance, equipment, cables and gadgets. KESC said the citizens needed not to step into the standing rainwater as the electricity current could leak making it fatally dangerous.

KESC advised the citizens to immediately inform the call centre 118 or the nearest power utility office in case they noticed broken or fallen wires or electrocuted equipment and cables.

JPMC: KESC clarified that there had been no interruption in power supply to Jinnah Hospital. However, there had been some internal issues with the JPMC wiring and electricity infrastructure which had been intimated to the hospital’s electrical staff for maintenance.

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