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Friday, June 18th, 2021

Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited Slams Transparency International Pakistan’s Allegations – Claims It Is Serving Vested Interests

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Karachi: KESC has categorically rejected and denied all allegations levelled against it by Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) and has stated them to be mala fide, contemptuous and defamatory. KESC believes that Transparency International is an organization of global repute, but its Pakistan Chapter is unfortunately not only tarnishing the image of the parent company, in the country but also seems to have become tool to vested interests.

KESC said, that it is expected of an organization like TIP, that it ought to cover the ground work before levelling charges against any reputable organization. And since the entity is ill-informed about the base facts, KESC as a gesture of goodwill, is willing to educate TI Pakistan on the ground realities, if it chooses to approach the utility, which till date it hasn’t ever done.

In the recent spate of allegations levelled by TI Pakistan, it has merely casted KESC in negative light by stating the utility as a recipient of huge concessions from the government, without actually being able to highlight or state with any credible facts what exactly these concessions are.

In the lengthy, maligning media release, TIP has issued statements which were uncorroborated by any substantive facts and has not only defamed KESC but also misinformed the public on a number of facts.

It is quite unfortunate the TI Pakistan despite its resources and repute, seems not to be bothered to substantiate facts prior to casting baseless allegations – this can be seen from the most glaring discrepancy that TIP is oblivious even of this very fact that KESC has added over 1,000MW of capacity in its generation system over the past 3 yrs, which also includes the state of the art, flagship 560 MW power plant with a huge investment of USD 450 million dollars, funded in part by ADB and IFC – yet TIP keeps ranting about lack of investment and no new plants being setup, which merely goes to show how ignorant is the Pakistan chapter of Transparency International.

KESC hopes that Transparency International Pakistan would expand its resources and efforts in highlighting issues, which would make a positive difference for the nation and it dwellers, rather than just creating unfounded sensationalism, which our society already has had enough of.

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Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
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