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Karachi Electric Supply Company, Provincial government chalk out joint plan to cope with rain-related hazards

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by June 10, 2011 Miscellaneous, Official News

Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has in collaboration with the Provincial Government taken all possible measures to get prepared in view of the upcoming heavy monsoon rains and winds forecast to hit Karachi by late Sunday evening.

Public awareness on rain hazards, police protection to repair and maintenance teams, setting up of camp control room, and, coordination among various city government agencies at local level are a few salient features of the rain preparedness plan.

A meeting called by Dr. Ishratul Ibad Khan, Governor Sindh, participated by Heads of the Provincial Government departments and civic agencies and at Governor House decided that the KESC’s rain emergency maintenance teams would be stationed at safe locations and they would also be provided outside security cover when they disembark to normalize rain-related emergencies and isolation of live wires etc.

The control rooms set up by DCO located in his camp office will have reps of all civic agencies and would be in contact with KESC’s maintenance network to provide assistance as specific situations required, to resolve urgent and emergent issues. To cater to the localized rain affects and emergency situations of the electricity distribution system, the KESC maintenance network would receive strengthened coordination at lower levels from various government agencies and departments to take fast track action.

The KESC would also acquire support from Provincial and City administrations for clearance of rain water from KESC installations, specified routes and locations, to minimize delays, accidents and safety hazards. A close liaison would also be maintained from KWSB to resolve or forestall water gathering problems for quick restoration.

The KESC has advised the general public about the possible rain hazards and said that they need not to touch water-soaked or fallen electricity wires, wet poles, and to stay away from standing rainwater pools. During rain they should avoid touching electric poles which may be harmful if there is leakage of current.

The KESC has informed the general public that due to the union miscreants blocking the utility’s work in all sections of distribution system, the deploying of region wise gangs would severely be affected for handling possible emergency situation.

The KESC further advised the citizens to keep away from standing rainwater pools which could catch electric current unexpectedly and to refrain from touching wires and electrical appliances with wet hands. The general public needed to fully understand their role to protect themselves from any electricity-specific harm in an emergency situation.

The KESC has asked the general public to immediately inform the utility’s call centre 118 if and when they confront a rain-related emergency like standing water around electric installations and poles or broken and fallen wires. The complaints can also be emailed direct to the top management via

These KESC has expressed its full commitment to redress public complaints and customers’ grievances in rain emergency situation in spite of the present scenario.

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