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Monday, September 27th, 2021

Karachi Electric Supply Company receives 2,800 applications for Voluntary Separation Scheme from non-core employees; starts payment

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Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has received 2,000 applications from non-core employees opting for final Voluntary Separation Scheme till midnight of July 15, while 800 have registered on VSS Helpline, bringing the total to 2,800. The payment of complete dues to the outgoing non-core employees has already started.

The non-core and non-technical employees have accepted the VSS in large number despite misguidance, disinformation and forceful blockage from defunct union miscreants who threatened and physically attacked them outside the head offices of the utility and even tore up their VSS forms. Many of the willing applicants were beaten away by the miscreants who forcefully disallowed them from filing their applications. Majority of non-core employees have conveyed their displeasure over the union’s negative campaign and congratulated the KESC management on the successful conclusion of VSS.

KESC has announced that the fate of the remaining non-core employees would be decided in the near future. However, in any case, non-core functions would remain in the hands of outsourced service providers and no non- core worker would be assigned work in non-core categories.

The union miscreants have been continuing to besiege several main offices, public dealing centres, complaint and maintenance offices, Central Stores, Transformers Workshop, and workplaces of business and operations of the utility since May 9 and disrupting and sabotaging power distribution system all across the City. The law enforcers posted at some of these places mostly play silent observers. The worst hit by the situation are general consumers who have to unduly wait for repair of local faults while union miscreants attack, manhandle and threaten the members of repair teams, damage maintenance vehicles and snatch testing equipment and tools in a bid to block them from attending to public complaints. The union miscreants attacked an outsourced maintenance vehicle No. KM-6951 at Korangi Sector No. 5 when it was on its way to attend local cable faults at Teen Talwar. The culprits hijacked the vehicle and manhandled driver Ajrum and members of maintenance team. They fled the scene threatening the KESC employees of dire consequences in case they did not stop to perform their public service responsibilities.

LOAD SHEDDING: Besides union sabotage, the citizens have also been suffering from enhanced load shedding hours because of the unjustified shortfall of gas supply for running KESC’s power generation plants. The government has never made arrangements to supply the approved quota of KESC, 276 MMCFD, which could have brought down the load shedding duration to minimum level in view of the increased power generation capacity of the utility this year. Even a medium level supply of 240 MMCFD could cut down the present three, six and eight hours load shedding plan to half.

However, the KESC has been receiving an unstable supply of less than 160 MMCFD for a long time now. As a result, for the past over one year, the consumers have been facing extended schedule of load shedding. KESC has asked the government and SSGC to give top priority of gas supply to power generation in order to meet the ever increasing demand of Karachi.

For more information, contact:
Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
2nd Floor, State Life Building No 11, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi
Tel: +9221 9920 7163
Cell: +92346 822 3641


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