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Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Karachi Electric Supply Company seeks protection for restoring power to Gharo water pump

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company on Wednesday sought protection from Sindh Government and law enforcement agencies for restoration of one affected feeder supplying electricity to Gharo Water Pumping Station that has been blocked by local villagers claiming tacit patronage of politically influential persons for the past two days. In a message to the provincial authorities the KESC has asked for an early solution to the issue in order to pre-empt any possible water shortfall for Karachi population occurring because of the interruption.

The villagers had demanded unauthorized energizing of an illegal power supply structure including a clandestine PMT and cable network that they erected on their own. Upon KESC’s inability to accept this illegal demand they further took law into their hands and pulled down the nearby high tension cables in an attempt to obtain direct illegal power supply for their villages. That resulted in wire snaps which in turn tripped two feeders connecting Gharo Water Pumping Station to power supply system.

The KESC teams could normalize one feeder with great difficulty on Tuesday that partially addressed to water pumping needs but the more important feeder could not be restored as the infuriated villagers violently blocked repair work and the local police refused to help on the pretext of political involvement.

The KESC’s System Engineering Department has approached the local political circles to offer regular and legal power supply to the villages concerned under the utility’s village electrification program. However, there has been no response to the offer as yet. The power utility has also asked the management of Karachi Water Board to seek government support to resolve the issue. The KESC has also condemned any possible political support for illegal connections.

In the meanwhile, the union miscreants continued to besiege most of the KESC’s main offices, business, operation and maintenance centres, Central Stores, Fleet Management, Transformers Workshop, and to block and attack all repair and development activities throughout the City for the past about two months.

On July 5, a KESC operation team was attacked by four armed union miscreants at Pakhtonabad while attending to a fault in Lakhani-ACIL Feeder. The attackers, identified as Shah Mohammad, Afsar Ali, Khalid Khan and Rozi Khan, fired gunshots in the air to harass the team members and then beat them up brutally. The team members, Sh. Rasheed, Asghar, Furqan and Ashraf were badly hurt in the scuffle. Finally the local residents came to the rescue of KESC team members. The attackers fled the scene hurling life threats in case the team continued to work. The incident has been reported to police.

A mob of 20 to 25 union hooligans attacked three officers of KESC Fleet Management at Qayyumabad while they came out of the office. The mobsters lynched the officers out of office premises and tortured them physically on the street. They also snatched vehicles documents that the officers had been carrying, and their ID cards. Manager Rasikh, JO Qasim and DCO Sharif were badly hurt in the attack. Their colleagues later came out of the Fleet Workshop to their rescue and police was also called. However, the mobsters escaped the place raising violent and coercive slogans.

In a surprising development, a KESC’s IBC Defence team intercepted a crane-fitted mini truck, No. KP-0724, belonging to Wi-Tribe Company on suspicion and recovered about 22 meter long 16mm 4-core armoured PVC cable earlier stolen from KESC store. The vehicle along with the Wi-Tribe personnel onboard were taken to police and the interrogations revealed that these persons had been involved in cutting down electricity cables in residential and commercial areas and then extorted money from the consumers for fixing the same cables back. The KESC has lodged an FIR against the culprits for cable theft with Frere Police.

Meanwhile, KESC manager Raza Ali who had miraculously escaped life attempt outside his residence in North Nazimabad on Monday when union miscreants fired gunshots upon his car from close distance has lodged an FIR with Shahra-e-Noor Jehan Police Station about the incident.

The KESC has demanded of the government to fulfil its responsibilities towards implementation of Sindh High Court orders to provide due protection to the utility’s employees, offices and installations. The government had issued assurance to extend all support for implementation of the orders. In response to the provincial government’s viewpoint towards Voluntary Separation Scheme, the KESC has presented its final version which says that it was in the interest of non-core non-technical employees to accept the final offer of Golden Exit Package effective till July 15.

For more information, contact:
Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
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Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi
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