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Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Karachi Electric Supply Company seeks protection under Sindh High Court order as police fails to comply

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has sought immediate security under the orders of Sindh High Court as police department failed to implement the apex court verdict of June 23.

The KESC has demanded of the provincial government to assign the task of providing security and protection to the utility’s employees, offices and installations to the law enforcement agencies as a top priority under the Sindh High Court orders instructing the police authorities and DG Rangers. The KESC said police was too reluctant to provide security to the utility.

The higher police authorities chalked out detailed security plan twice in consultation with KESC management, on June 26 and 27, but they were reluctant to act next two mornings. Higher officers remained unavailable on both occasions while the concerned TPO went missing. As a result, the employees of the utility were subjected to physical attacks and torture by union miscreants while police personnel apparently having no clear instructions watched silently.

The police also failed to remove permanent blockages caused by the union mob from outside the offices and installations of KESC in violation of the High Court orders. The police even allowed the union hooligans to attack the utility’s employees outside its offices and to bring out rally in contravention of the court orders as well as imposition of Section 144. It appeared as if in view of police department, the court orders and Section 144 did not apply to KESC union mob’s sit-ins, rallies and use of physical force.

The police failed to implement High Court orders on Tuesday morning at the KESC offices at Civic Centre, State Life Building and Power House Elandar Road to secure reopening of these offices and to make free movement of employees possible, although the higher police authorities had promised and planned that on previous night. The police personnel present at these places in small number repeatedly said they had yet to receive clear instructions. Under a strange notion, the police personnel remained busy in “negotiations” with union miscreants on some unknown topic at all the three locations with no results relating to KESC security. At the same time, infuriated groups of armed union miscreants were allowed to make rounds from amidst the waiting employees hurling insults and threats, ignoring the police presence.

The union miscreants hammered a steel nail in the Kamran Feeder in SITE sub division causing it’s tripping at midnight, affecting CNG PMT and MCB PMT.

The KESC understands that provincial government and law enforcement agencies need to play their due role under the orders of Sindh High Court, and to maintain law and order, public peace and establishing writ of the government for ensuring removal of blockages from outside the utility’s offices and installations and for providing due protection to KESC employees and management to move freely in and around their offices to perform their public service duties.

For more information, contact:
Adil Murtaza
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