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Karachi Electric Supply Company speeds up fault repair work, concerned over continuing attacks

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has expressed great concern over the continuing attacks on the utility’s employees, supply system and assets which blocked normal functioning and delayed the repair of local faults thereby causing issues for the general public for more than two weeks. The maintenance teams, however, persisted to perform their job with enhanced speed and enforcement facing all odds.

The maintenance work was completed in SITE area, SITE Industrial area, Mauripur Area, Orangi Area, Baldia Area, West Wharf, Quaidabad Area, Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Korangi, Landhi, Shah Faisal, Gulistan-e-Johar, Malir, Saudabad, Gadap, Hadiabad, and Nazimabad. One of the most important tasks before the maintenance department of KESC was to reconnect the earth cables which have been removed by miscreants during the past fortnight from an overwhelming number of points in the City, causing frequent voltage fluctuation resulting in risk of damage to electrical appliances.

In the meanwhile, the official talks between KESC management and the CBA Union entered second round on Tuesday. Being held at KESC offices at State Life Building since Monday, the talks may soon result in the resolution of issues concerning both the management and the employees. The management has made it clear in the talks that the first and foremost priority of everyone concerned should be to ensure that electricity supply to the customers was normalized and all outstanding complaints and faults were attended to in the shortest possible time. It was expected that the power supply situation would become normal shortly, keeping in mind the best interests of KESC and its customers.

On the other hand, on May 24, a number of miscreants blocked entry into the offices of Korangi Industrial Model Zone and harassed away the employees. The KESC employees took shelter in the offices of Korangi Association of Trade and Industry but the miscreants followed them to that place as well. Police was called to disperse the attackers and the KESC staff performed their responsibilities from that place.

A group of hooligans gathered around KESC’s Power House at Elandar Road hurling threats and abuses to office-going employees.

At the Fleet Management Workshop in Qayyumabad, the miscreants surrounded the main gates and forcefully stopped employees from entering into office building.

At the Transformer Workshop in Haroonabad Grid Station, SITE area, the agitators forcefully vacated all the officers and employees of the KESC while insulting and threatening them of life risk if they returned to work.

Early Tuesday morning, members of the Transmission Maintenance Team were severely beaten up by a group of attackers when they were attending to a fault 220kV Baldia-North Karachi Circuit which had tripped in the late night. About 20 mobsters chased the team led by an engineer from Baldia Grid Station and intercepted them a kilometre away. They insulted and manhandled the team members and damaged the vehicle rendering the fault unattended. KESC security personnel rescued the team from the attackers.

At KESC’s Operation Centre at Al Mava, Tipu Sultan Road, a large group of miscreants surrounded the main entry points of the building and forcefully stopped the office-going employees from entering the place. The attackers forced into the control room and misbehaved with and threatened the shift engineers and forced them to vacate the place. The attackers manhandled an employee and snatched his wallet. He lodged an FIR with the local police. After the police force reached the scene the mob got violent on which the police fired in the air to disperse the trouble makers.

About 200 miscreants, mostly masked, attacked the offices of DCOO-III in Bahadurabad on May 23. A few of them pretended to be carrying complaint about electricity bills and requested the gate to be opened for them. Then the whole mob forced into the building once the mini gate was opened, and ransacked the office equipment, furniture and fixture, and beat up four KESC employees Raza, Fahd, Ehtesham and Hanif. They threatened of life risk if the employees did not stop to work. Police was called and the mob was dispersed. None of the attackers could be recognized because of the veils covering their faces.

In West Wharf, the miscreants damaged the high tension cable by punching of nails into it near Kakri Ground. The subsequent outage caused by the HT damage provoked the area people to come out on streets and they finally attacked the West Wharf Grid Station making two guards as hostage. The issue was resolved after prolonged undue trouble.

The VIBC Malir and VIBC Shah Faisal were forcefully vacated by the miscreants. When the officials of these offices took shelter in a vendor’s office, they were attacked by a group of miscreants who used abusive language, messed with the working papers and physically attacked the present officials. A report has been submitted to Saudabad police station in this regard.

The miscreants also stole away neutral lead from Model Colony Telephone Exchange sub-station which resulted into violent fluctuation of voltage causing the risk of damage to electrical appliance in the area.

The miscreants deliberately fired upon a 500 KVA Rubi Decoration PMT located in Drigh Road Cantt. Bazar. The bullets damaged the cooling pipes and caused draining out of oil, rendering the PMT as faulty.

The hooligans blocked KESC offices in Anum Trade Centre SITE and forcefully stopped employees from performing their duties. The utility’s employees took shelter in the nearby Jamia Binnoria where Mufti Naeem gracefully provided place and protection for them to operate and attend to public complaints. However, the hooligans did not even spare the religious scholar and directly threatened him and ordered him to stop supporting KESC officials but he refused to oblige and allowed the KESC officials to use the place as long as they need it.

Despite of all the difficulties created by the miscreants, the KESC has continued to repair and maintain as much local faults as possible. The maintenance work completed in SITE area includes: Tex Wood sub-station to local switch transformer cable burnt out; Mercury Garment Feeder; Saltex Feeder; Apollo Ice C-70 PMT to Aziz Masjid PMT. In SITE Industrial area: Grind Wheel Feeder; Tyre Sole Feeder. In Mauripur Area the KESC maintenance teams repaired Lyari Express Way RMU to Lyari Express sub-station. In Orangi Area: Aashiq Pan House PMT 250 KVA; Kamal Petrol Pump Feeder; Nishan-e-Hyder/Rehmat Chowk Feeder; Baldia Area: Iqbal Road Feeder; West Wharf: Old Town RMU to Pathan Masjid PMT; G. Allana Road PMT to Nakhu Masjid PMT; KMA Hall PMT to Bengal Oil PMT; Quaidabad Area: Old Muzaffarabad 250 KVA PMT; overhead of Cattle Colony Feeder; KMZ: Ghous-e-Aazim PMT 250 KVA; Gulshan-e-Hadeed Area: overhead of Afzal Motor Feeder; Korangi: overhead of Gas Turbine; Coast Guard Feeder; Landhi Area: overhead of Kamran; Shah Faisal: Nasir Book Depot PMT 500 KVA; Gulistan-e-Johar: overhead Pole-4 to Sita Nagar PMT; Ali Heights sub-station; KU sub-station No. 6 to KU sub-station No. 2; Green Land City Feeder; N.E.D Hostel sub-station; Malir: Saudabad Pumping Feeder; Gadap Area: Sikandar Goth PMT 250 KVA; Shah Faisal: Akbar Green Hotel PMT 250 KVA; Hadiabad; Masjid-e-Abu Hurera PMT 250 KVA; Nazimabad: Al-Murtaza D/PMT R.H.S 500 KVA; Chota Maidan PMT to Saifullah RMU; FB Area: M. Younus sub-station overhead Pole-19.

For more information, contact:
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Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
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Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi
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