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Karachi Electricity Supply Company to Setup Help Desk at Bin Qasim Association of Trade and Industry

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by January 25, 2012 General

Karachi: Bin Qasim Association of Trade and Industry (BQATI) held a luncheon reception at a local hotel on 24th January 2012 in honour of Tabish Gauhar, Chief Executive Officer, Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC). The event was marked with the purpose of strengthening the existing cordial relations between KESC and BQATI.

The occasion was the first official, interactive event between the executives of both the organizations, paving way for similar forums in the future. On the occasion, the guest of honour, Tabish Gauhar and host, BQATI, Patron in Chief, Mian Muhammad Ahmed agreed to collaborate on a five year comprehensive energy plan for the industrial area.

The KESC CEO, also announced that a ‘KESC Help Desk’ would be established at the BQATI office, the aim of which would be to provide BQATI members priority resolution to their power related complaints and establishing a window for issuance of new connections. Amongst other matters of mutual interest, discussion on the prospect of establishing of a new grid station at Bin Qasim was also discussed.

Speaking at the reception, the guest of honour, thanked the hosts and appreciated their stance in understanding the ground realities and extraneous factors leading to limitations on both ends. He termed the trade and industry sector as KESC’s best customers and said, that the power utility has approximately a 99 percent recovery ratio on current bills from the industrial sector, while line losses were also low compared to sectors.

In order to promote an air of understanding and mutual respect, the CEO, described the challenges in details, being faced by the power utility and highlighted those aspects where the support of the industrial consumers would go a long way towards reaching a solution to the current problems.

He also spoke on the realities, oft clouded by various myths, especially on the subject of power generation, fuel mix used by the utility (gas vs furnace oil), and other factors on which KESC is unduly criticized by various sensationalizing elements of the society, while overlooking the facts. Also sharing on the occasion, he pointed out the resistance faced by KESC in recovery of power dues from domestic, commercial and public consumers, leading to massive cash flow issues for the utility, on top of the ever increasing burden of circular debt.

He further highlighted the financial aspect of energy generation through gas, the adequate provision of which is quintessential to provide electricity on economical rates, besides decreasing the gap in the demand-supply equation.

Addressing the members, the KESC CEO stated: “We have fair intentions; however the trust deficit was present, still prevails and would be. What we are trying to do is to reduce it as much as possible,” he concluded.

Earlier BQATI President, Usman Ahmed appreciated the role of KESC and its achievements particularly in reducing line losses from 38 to around 30 percent. Showcasing BQATI, he said, “BQATI represents the industries and businesses located in the largest industrial concentration area of the country, employing more than 150,000 people. BQATI is the primary forum for these organizations to collaborate and address issues or challenges faced by them in carrying out their operations.”

Ahmed was also of the view that the business community well understands the difficulties being faced by KESC, operating in conditions, when the entire country is paralyzed with the worst fuel/energy crises in its history. He was optimistic that BQATI and KESC can build a cordial and cooperative relationship, which can play a vital and constructive role in the industrial and economic growth of the metropolis.

BQATI President Usman Ahmed, Vice President Rasheed Jan Muhammad, committee members and KESC executive committee members including Nayyer Hussain, Muhammad Siddiq, Usama Qureshi and others were also present at the reception. The event concluded on a mutual decision for cooperation and enhancing bilateral relations for the development of the city.

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