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Friday, July 30th, 2021

Karachi Water and Sewerage Board trying to hide its inefficiencies by continuously pointing fingers: Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has earmarked its important and critical customers as being ‘Strategic’ in nature, of them KWSB being on the top of the list. Such strategic installations are exempted for any and all sort of load shedding, whether planned or otherwise.

KWSB is on the top of KESC’s strategic list for reasons more than one. Not only is KWSB important for the city dwellers water supply, but also an important player in KESC’s issue of circular debt. With an outstanding default in excess of Rs. 14 Billion, KWSB is the # 1 defaulter, which contributes KESC’s cash flow woes.

Needless to say despite KESC committed drive on disconnecting power supply to the defaulters, KWSB pumping stations have been never been disconnected despite their massive default, infact they continue to enjoy their exemption from load shedding as well.

The complaints of outages by KWSB at their pumping stations are also addressed via a special team which is engaged on priority on all pumping station complaints.

But lately the increase in technical faults at Gharo and Pipri pumping stations are primarily attributable to the high instances of illegal power connections latched onto the dedicated KWSB power supply feeders and pmt’s.

This unabated act of power theft, not only causes loss to KESC but also creates problems for KWSB itself due to excessive tripping of their power supply network, yet there is an eerie silence by the water board on this major issue.

Apart from this, the upswing in the incidents of conductor and wire thefts on the extra high tension Pipri circuit, that supplies power to the KWSB KDA filter plant, is wrecking havoc with the KESC distribution system. Such unchecked and increasing incidents of theft, are causing premature wear and tear of the expensive equipment dedicated to supply power to KWSB stations.

Being an installation of strategic importance for one of the biggest metropolitan cities of the country, KWSB is devoid of any contingency planning. Their sole reliance for power supply is on KESC, without the provision of any back-up or alternate arrangements.

As strategic partners of KWSB and being in the same business of provision of public utility, KESC would humbly advise that focus on contingency, back-up plans and alternative emergency arrangements would be a better measure of management prudence than merely engaging in a futile blame game.

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