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KP Police Orders Officers to Quit WhatsApp Groups

by January 16, 2020 Affairs

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police department has issued new directives for police officers regarding the usage of social media.

According to details, the police department has directed officers to leave WhatsApp groups that are not only deemed a source of unnecessary pressure but often serve as a rumor mill.

Numerous police officers from the rank of additional inspector general down to constables are reportedly part of different WhatsApp groups administrated by individuals that have nothing to do with the police. Under the latest directives, police officers will be bound to leave these WhatsApp groups.

A senior police officer said that these groups usually fabricate stories that put additional pressure on the police force. Moreover, they also have a direct influence on the affairs of the police department.

Apart from individuals having nothing to do with the police, some suspended police officers used to concoct stories against officials to settle administrative disputes. The suspended officers used screenshots of the conversation with officials to blackmail and malign them in the department.

For some time now, senior officials of KP Police were contemplating action regarding the role of WhatsApp in official matters.

Another official commenting on the latest directives said:

According to our new policy, we all are required to exit WhatsApp groups. We had a good time in these groups. However, we will continue to be part of their professional groups.

In a similar development, the federal government directed all government employees to not use WhatsApp to share confidential documents after some vulnerabilities in the app were brought to light. The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication is developing an indigenous platform similar to WhatsApp for all government employees.

Source: Pro Pakistani