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Saturday, July 11th, 2020

KPK Govt Announces Kalam-Dir Tourism Corridor


Ministry of Tourism, Sports, Youth, Culture and Archeology Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has announced a special tourism corridor connecting Kalam to Dir in line with the government’s vision of promoting tourism in the country.

The corridor will be developed with the help of the World Bank, APP reported.

The 114-kilometer long corridor will have 8 prominent resorts along the way. The tourist spots and valleys along the route include Kalam, Anakar valley, Utrore, Gabral, Kumrat, Jahaz Banda, Sheringal and Dir.

A 100km road link will start from Kalam and end at Dir. Another 14-km link will connect Kumrat and Jahaz Banda for easy accessibility to the scenic valley.

Currently, the roads between these spots are in poor condition, however, the new corridor will change the landscape of tourism in the region.

A large number of people don’t prefer to travel to such places mainly because of the road conditions, however, developing road infrastructure will increase the influx of tourists, especially families.

Source: Pro Pakistani