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Saturday, September 24th, 2022

Labour Union Escalates issue to a new level, Terror attack on Strategic Installation

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has expressed great alarm over the midnight attacks on Clifton Grid Station and Korangi Power Plant and said that it was becoming more and more difficult to run the utility’s operations in the face of such planned and organized terrorism on the generation, transmission and distribution system of KESC.

The Clifton Grid Station, located on mai-kolachi road, came under a terror attack at about 11:30pm last night, Thursday June 2nd. 10-15 armed terrorists forced themselves into the Grid Station and pushed out the critical staff present at site, after which, the 27 feeders supplying power to the larger area of Defence, Clifton, Keamari, were shutdown. This led to a forced power outage in the entire area – disrupting the peace and creating a law and order situation.

The Grid Station is a ‘Strategic Installation’ by the very definition and even during war times, such locations are protected, as disruption of any sort at these installations can lead to security and communication breakdown. This open act of terrorism and hijacking of a strategic installation shows the mindset of those behind these activities and also reflects their interest in any sort of peaceful negotiations.

The areas that were disrupted and due to this aggression included: Bilawal House, Core Commander’s house, Zia ud din Hospital, Bath Island, Custom society, Shirin Jinnah, Burma shell, Keamari Centre, Caltex, Mehran, and extended areas of Defence and Clifton. To serve the vested interests of a few elements, important installations like Zia ud din Hospital, South City Hospital, Keamari Terminals, etc were put at risk by the terror strikers. KESC as a policy exempts strategic installations from any and all sorts of load shedding, but they said elements did not even spare them, showing no sensitivity to the public and national interest and even creating security risks.

Lately the spate of violent attacks on KESC personnel and assets has increased substantially. The protesting workforce of KESC led by its union has taken the situation to the streets and have openly shown their preference for physical violence rather than peaceful negotiations.

It was after the intervention of the Honourable Governor Sindh, that a heavy contingent of the law enforcement agencies was deployed at the location that the terror elements were flushed out forcefully after over 2 hours, amidst heavy aerial firing, after which the KESC staff was escorted under heavy protection, to return to the site and restore the power supply.

In other incidents that were reported over two dozen union activists captured the main entrance to the Korangi Thermal Power Station the same night. They harassed and threatened away the shift employees who wanted to enter the office premises. The employees stopped from entering the place included shift engineers and other technicians of the power generation plant. Heavy contingent of police and Rangers later removed the attackers and opened the passage to the power plant.

On Friday, union miscreants damaged two feeders near Mazar-e-Quaid and another group of union activists forced closure of KESC’s call centre at Civic Centre suspending the day night process of registering public complaints.

KESC condemns such open acts of aggression, disruption of peace and putting strategic installations at a risk. KESC reiterates the facts that all issues, between the management and union, can be sorted out peacefully and amicably, without hijacking the public peace for nefarious personal interests. De-escalation of violence and resumption of normal operations of KESC is the only precondition to reopen the doors for discussions.

For more information, contact:
Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
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Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi
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