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Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Lack of political will, bad governance and low quality indicators are major factors that restrict access to free education for children

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by November 29, 2012 Miscellaneous

Islamabad, November 29, 2012 (PPI-OT): Lack of political will, bad governance and low quality indicators are major factors that restricts the access to free and quality education to all children. Slow pace of formulation and immediate enactment of RTE in all over Pakistan further deteriorate the education status in the country.

This was said in the launch of two papers titled “Mapping the Scope of Work, Roles and Responsibilities, Capacities and Resources required for Implementation of Article 25-A” and the second “Alternative Financing Framework and Model for Provinces and Districts in lieu of RTE Implementation”.

These papers are produced by Pakistan coalition for education suggest proposed framework of how to implement RTE in Pakistan. The strategies formulated in the document are a result of comprehensive discussion held with various stakeholders, executives, civil society, education expert at federal and all provinces

Mr Arif Majeed, the author, gave a detailed briefing of both Papers. More than 60 civil society representatives gathered today to discuss and formulate collective feedback on the two reports shared today The panel of speakers that participated today included Ms Nargis Sultana from FOSI and Dr. Tughral Amin, NDU.

Ms. Sultana stated “Access to education is as important as the quality of education”. She pointed out that the low and inefficient utilization of allocated funds is extremely worrying. She urged the government to create a responsible government debt to society.

Dr. Tughral Amin emphasized the importance of the time of the launch of these Papers. With National elections coming up in a few months and 25 Million children still out of school, only 2.4% of the GDP is being allocated for education in Pakistan today. He stated that the stakeholders of the education sector need to reach out to children, and not expect the children to come to them.

The feedback from the guests focused mainly on the involvement of the government in developing a sustainable and focused roadmap of the implementation of RTE. The involvement of the common citizen during budgeting was said to be crucial.

Others pointed out that without accountability and transparency, no donor was willing to work on long term projects. A responsible and involved Media can be an important implementation in the RTE agenda. The Annual Convention hosted by PCE and held earlier this month also focused on the role of the various stakeholders, namely the media, political parties and the civic society.

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