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Sunday, August 1st, 2021

LG’s New Steam Dishwasher Lets Customers Say Goodbye to Prewashing

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by August 26, 2011 Technology

LG Steam Dishwasher Delivers Prewash-free Performance, Greater Load Flexibility and Improved Energy Use

Karachi, August 26, 2011 – LG Electronics (LG) will soon unveil its new steam dishwasher with TrueSteam™ technology, which delivers a powerful dishwashing performance and frees from having to prewash their dishes, saving them time and keeping their hands dry and healthy. The dishwasher’s SmartRack™ has easily adjustable tines that can accommodate a wide range of odd-sized dishes and utensils, providing enhanced flexibility and functionality, while the Inverter Direct Drive motor ensures a top-grade performance while cutting down on both water and energy usage.

“Our research showed that dishwasher owners were often scrubbing the tough-to-clean dishes by hand before they started the dishwasher cycle,” Mr. K.W. Kim, President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa Region. “There was an obvious need for us to produce a dishwasher that consumers could rely on to handle even the toughest, grungiest dishes, without needing to get their hands dirty through prewashing.”

TrueSteam™ works by creating high-temperature steam particles that are injected from carefully positioned pressure nozzles. Once the particles attach themselves to the grease and grime on the dishes, temperatures quickly rise to melting point, so by the time the entire cycle is finished, the dishes are spotless.

Consumers also have the option of the Steam Care cycle for more delicate dishes without leaving so much as a scratch. Further flexibility is achieved with the Steam Dual Spray function, which enables the upper and lower racks to use independent water pressures. Customers can then run a single wash that is tailored to multiple dish types. This also eliminates the need to waste water, energy and time by running two loads at different intensities.

By using power more intelligently, LG’s Inverter Direct Drive dishwashers are rated as 15 percent more efficient. Despite its flawless dishwashing performance, it uses 42 percent less water than conventional washers, resulting in an A++ grade for energy use. While conventional dishwashers consume 1.08kWh of energy and use 14 liters of water, LG’s new dishwasher needs much less energy and water, as little as 0.92kWh and nine liters.

LG’s unique SmartRack™ system allows for various tine configurations, including a complete fold-down. This design feature cleverly helps the interior tub of the dishwasher to become more flexible to the particular needs of the consumer. The SmartRack™ system is designed to maximize useable space and even accommodates awkward size bowls, pans, platters or other odd-shaped dishes. LG’s unique height adjustable third rack adds flexibility by making room to fit even large items such as spatulas, whisks or wooden spoons. In addition, the design and positioning of LG’s slim Inverter Direct Drive motor gives the dishwasher approximately 10 more liters of useable space when compared to conventional dishwashers, translating to more dishes and larger dishes being done with each load.

LG’s innovative SMART DIAGNOSIS™ technology has also been incorporated into its latest dishwasher. This technology was specifically designed to cut down on inconvenient and unnecessary service calls or visits, and works by sending relevant troubleshooting data to the service center over the phone via unique tone signals. The received data then allows the technician to determine whether the issue can be resolved remotely or whether a visit is required.


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