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Lotte Pakistan PTA Limited’s Election of Directors at the Extraordinary General Meeting Held on 16 June, 2011

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Karachi: We wish to inform you that the following eight Directors of the Company have been elected for a term of three years commencing from 23 June 2011.

1. Mr. Soon Hyo Chung
2. Mr. M. Asif Saad
3. Mr. Soo Young Huh
4. Mr. Neon Jung Kim
5. Mr. Oh Hun Im
6. Mr. Mohammad Qasim Khan
7. Mr. Istaqbal Mehdi
8. Ms. Aliya Yusuf

For more information, contact:
Ali Aamir, FCA
Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary
Lotte Pakistan PTA Limited
EZ/1-P-4, Eastern Industrial Zone,
Port Qasim P.O. Box 723,
Karachi – 74200, Pakistan
UAN: +9221 111 782 111
Direct Line: +9221 3472 6043
Fax: +9221 3472 6003


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