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Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Managing Director Karachi Water Sewerage Board says that with cooperation of Haq Parast representatives supply of 10 million gallon additional daily water supply to Malir would be completed within one month

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by December 10, 2012 Miscellaneous

Karachi, December 10, 2012 (PPI-OT): Managing Director Karachi Water and Sewerage Board expressed that with the cooperation of Haq Parast Representatives, the Project to supply 10 million gallon additional daily water supply to the residents of Malir would be completed within one month.

With the completion of this project, water shortage problem in Malir Town and adjoining areas would be resolved permanently. Memebers of Sindh Assembly Syed Khalid Ahmed, Syed Manzar Imam, Nishat Zia Qadri, Rehan Zafar and Waseem Ahmed fully cooperated with KW and SB. We value their participation since the project was not possible without their cooperation.

The project was initiated by Former Mayor Karachi Mustafa Kamal to resolve the long-standing water shortage problem in Malir. A 36-inch diameter water supply line had to be laid on a 24- kilometre span from Pipri to Dumloti and Dumloti to Malir Tanki supplying 10 million gallons of water daily. The project was pending for quite a while and due to Haqparast M.P.A’s personal interest the project was started again.

Governor of Sindh Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad Khan granted the cost of this project from his Discretionary Funds resuming work on this important project, to be completed within 1 month. After the completion of this project the daily water supply would increase and reach up to 250 million gallons daily and facilitate the Goths around Malir as well.

Special attention has been paid to ensure that due to this additional supply, Akhtar Colony, Kashmir Colony, D.H.A and Korangi are not affected due to the under progress project. KW and SB is working to improve the water supply conditions in these areas as well and water level at Dumloti has been increased to maintain swift supply to all these areas. Governor of Sindh has promised funds for the Dumloti water level project as well.

On the directions of Haqparast M.P.A’s Syed Khalid Ahmed, Syed Manzar Imam, Nishat Zia Qadri and Rehan Zafar a meeting was called on the related matters. Managing Director KW and SB Misbahuddin Farid chaired the meeting attended by concerned KW and SB officers.

During the meeting, M.D KW and SB stated that, Malir is one of the oldest locality in the city and several Goths are situated around it. Provision of water to these areas is on KW and SB’s top priority list. He said that resolving the water supply issues in these areas was not possible without the help of Haqparast M.P.A’s and it is due to their personal interest that the pending project to lay 36 inch diameter line was resumed.

He hoped that the project would be completed within 1 month increasing the daily supply to the area by 10 million gallons. Upon completion of the current project total supply to the area would reach up to 250 million gallons daily, which would be sufficient for these areas.

He praised the hard work and efforts of KW and SB Engineers and employees working to provide tap water through out the city. He said that we have vowed to supply tap water throughout the city. He said that he respects and values the cooperation by Haq Parast M.P.A’s and Administrator Malir Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Palejo whose cooperation made it possible for KW and SB to resolve one of the long standing problem of the citizens of Karachi.

For more information contact:
Karachi Water and Sewerage Board
Mr. Zahid Mehmood
P.S. Chairman Office
Tel: 99240819


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