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Friday, July 30th, 2021

Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited’s Resumption of trading in the Preference Shares of the Company

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Karachi: In this connection, please be informed that the Company has cancelled 514,593 preference shares of Rs. 10/- each as requested by the Preference Shareholders through Central Depository System (CDS) of Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) and / or physical from and consequently 603,420 ordinary shares of Rs. 10/- each have been issued / allotted / credited to them by way of conversion. Accordingly, we are pleased to enclose herewith Auditors’ Certificate (certified true copy) towards paid –up capital position of the Company as under.

Description of Paid up Capital Preference Shares

Amount (Rs.)

No. of Preference Shares of Rs. 10/-each
Paid-up capital / Total Issue (before cancellation) 541,473,980 54,147,398
Less: Number or securities cancelled 5,145,930 514,593
———– ———–
Paid-up capital/Total Issue (after cancellation) 536,328,050 53,632,805
Ordinary Shares

Amount (Rs.)

No. of Ordinary Shares of Rs. 10/- each
Paid-up capital (before conversion) 5,261,095,090 526,109,509
Add: Number of securities (issued in lieu of conversion) 6,034,200 603,420
———– ———–
Paid-up capital (after conversion) 5,267,129,290 526,712,929


We have reviewed the relevant records maintained by Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited (the “Company”) regarding conversion of preference shares into ordinary shares and report that as on May 30, 2011:

1. 514,593 Redeemable Preference Shares have been cancelled in accordance with Articles of Association of the Company and the terms of issue of these shares.

2. Pre and Post factual position of paid-up capital (Number of Redeemable Preference Shares) is as under:

Paid-up capital / total issue (before cancellation) 54,147,398
Less: Number of securities cancelled 514,593
Paid-up capital / total issue (after cancellation) 53,632,805

3. All relevant formalities have been duly complied with and Ordinary Shares have been issued in lieu of cancellation of the Redeemable Preference Shares and 578,264 shares have been recorded in the name of the CDC while 25,156 shares have been issued in physical form. Accordingly, the pre and post factual position of paid-up capital (Number of Ordinary Shares) due to conversion is as follows:

Paid-up capital (before conversion) 526,109,509
Add: Number of securities (issued in Lieu of conversion) 603,420
Paid-up capital (after conversion) 526,712,929

4. The Company has completed all required regulatory formalities with respect to cancellation and conversion of the securities.

For more information, contact:
Muhammad Ashraf
Company Secretary
Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited
42-Lawrence Road,
Lahore (Pakistan)
Tel: +9242 36278904-5
Fax: +9242 36363184
E-mail: [email protected]


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