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Monday, September 27th, 2021

Meeting of Standing Committee on State and Frontier Regions

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Islamabad: Engineer Muhammad Tariq Khattak, MNA chaired the 13th meeting of Standing Committee on State and Frontier Regions(SAFRON) on Saturday 2nd July,2011 at 10:00 AM in Committee Room No. 2, Parliament House, Islamabad. The agenda of meeting was as under:-

• Discussion on the maintenance allowance and other matters relating to the Ex-rulers of the Kalat, Mekran, Lasbella and Kharan States of Baluchistan Province
• Discussion on matters relating to Federal Levy Force in Baluchistan.
• Briefing about the RAHA Cell by the Ministry of SAFRON.
• Promotion and Pension problems being faced by the Federal Levy in Kurram Agency.
• Total annual income received through Afghanistan Transit from FATA to Federal Government.
• Any other item with the permission of the Chair.

Mr. Murtaza Javed Abbasi, MNA, Mir Ahmadan Khan Bugti, MNA, Syed Asif Hasnain MNA and Mr. Pervaiz Khan Advocate MNA Mr. Jawad Hussain, MNA, ,attended the meeting. Besides Engineer Shaukatullah, Minister for State and Frontier Regions also participated.

With regard to problems in grant of maintenance allowance and other matters to the Ex-rulers of the Kalat, Mekran, Lasbella and Kharan States of Baluchistan Province, the Committee deliberated that either Maintenance Allowance Bill should be discussed /enacted through Joint Session of the Parliament or the second option is to amend the said Bill through Law Division and other relevant stakeholders. The Committee reiterated that as States have been merged, therefore, we should step forward after detailed examination of pros and cons of the agreements with of these States etc so that a comprehensive solution of the problem can be made. Therefore a clear cut policy and guidelines can be chalk out. In this regard, the Committee decided to constitute a Sub-Committee under the Convenership of Mr. Pervaiz Khan Advocate, MNA to make recommendation relating to Maintenance Allowance of all States and other matters relating to Ex-rulers of all the States merged in Pakistan.

The TOR is historical implications of the maintenance allowances of the ex-rulers acceding to Pakistan, whether their present perks and privileges require a revision, increase or its abolition. Mr. Jawad Hussain, MNA, Lt. Gen.(Retd.) Abdul Qadir Baloch, MNA will be members.

With regard to total annual income received through Afghanistan Transit from Fata to Federal Government, the Committee was informed that it is international practice that transit facilities is provided by the States. The revenue being generated through Afghan Transit Trade is in the form of port charge for handling the goods to transit.

Similarly, the revenue is earned in transportation of such goods through Pakistan. The Committee recommended that FBR/Ministry of Finance should allocate adequate special funds to National Highway Authority for maintenance of roads of Chamman, Jamrud, Torkham, Gilgit, Khyber agency and Khojak being used for Pak-Afghan Trade/ NATO use. Ministry of SAFRON though Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take up the case with NATO to provide necessary funding for maintenance of all roads being used for International Trade/NATO use. Besides, condition of Torkham crossing point and other such points should be improved. Ministry of SAFRON should consult to Ministry of Finance/NHA, Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Railway and other relevant quarters for comprehensive plan, take-up the case and furnish progress report to the Committee.

With regard to the RAHA scheme, the Committee expressed concern that relevant MPA/MNA are not properly consulted and there is no welfare schemes for refugees affected areas including NA-5 area which is most populated area of refugees. The Committee expressed dissatisfaction in running RAHA schemes, their maintenance, installation of Hydel Stations, Tube wells, sanitation, and water supply.

The Committee advised Minister SAFRON/FATA to include all affected areas including FATA in connection with RS. 392 million released by Donors for RAHA Scheme. In this regard a Sub-Committee under Convenership of Engineer Muhammad Tariq Khattak, MNA, was constituted. Mr. Pervaiz Khan Advocate, MNA, Mr. Jawad Hussain, MNA, Lt. Gen.(Retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch, MNA, Mr. Murtaza Javed Abbasi, MNA will be members. The TOR is revisit of previous PC-1schemes/funding, micro hydal stations, criteria of selection at district level, further finding ways of implementation, allocation for future schemes of RAHA. Minister and Secretary SAFRON ensured the members of the Committee that Parliamentarians will be taken on board in connection with RAHA Schemes.

With regard to matters relating to Levy Force in Baluchistan, the Committee expressed concern that 100 % Risk Allowance admissible to Baluchistan Levies force and police has not yet been provided. No weapons and other equipments have still been provided. There are no regulation and service rules for Baluchistan Federal Levies. The issue of creation of 3000 posts of federal levies in Baluchistan and filling up of 100 posts created village Defence, Dera Bugti is not yet resolved. The Procurement Committee and Death Compensation Committee should finalize the cases.

With regard to Promotion and Pension problems being faced by the Federal Levy in Kurram Agency, the Committee advised Ministry of SAFRON, AGPR Sub Office, Peshawar, Agency Accounts Office Khurram and Parachinar should resolved the issue without further delay.

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