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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Meeting of the Standing Committee on Human Rights

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Islamabad: A meeting of the Standing Committee on Human Rights was held on 29th June, 2011 at 10:30 am in the Committee Room No.07, Parliament House, Islamabad. Mr. Riaz Fatyana, MNA/ Chairman Standing Committee on Human Rights chaired the meeting. The agenda of meeting was as under:-

i) Present Status of Human Rights.
ii) Progress report with regard to five persons killed in Khroatabad Quetta on 17-05-2011.
iii) Progress report on killing of Mr. Sarfraz by Pakistan Rangers on 8th June, 2011 in Karachi.
iv) Progress report on killing of 7 persons in Gojra incident dated 01-08-2009.
v) Progress report on murder of Journalist Mr. Saleem Shahzad.
vi) Further progress report on killing of two brothers in Sialkot.
vii) Progress report on crash of Air blue Flight ED 202 in Margalla Hills on 28th July, 2010.
viii) Irregular allotments of 5 marla scheme in district Toba Tek Singh.
ix) Progress report in case of Mrs. Haleema Bhutto R/O Ghotki.
x) Implementation status of the recommendations of meetings held on 09-10-2009, 19-11-2009 and 02-12-2009.
xi) Approval of minutes of Sub-Committee on Human Rights dated 25-03-2011 under Convenership of Dr. Mehreen Razzaque Bhutto, MNA.
xii) Progress report on Abbottabad case date 12-06-2010 with regard to recommendations of previous meetings of Standing Committee on Human Rights.
xiii) Any other item with the permission of the Chair.

Mrs. Samina Mushtaq Pagganwala, MNA, Mrs. Shakeela Khanam Rashid, MNA, Ms. Raheela Baloch, MNA, Ms. Fauzia Habib, MNA, Capt. (Retd) Muhammad Safdar, MNA, Makhdoom Muhammad Javed Hashmi, MNA, Dr. Samaria Rashid, MNA, Mrs. Yasmeen Rehman, MNA and Mr. Mustafa Khokhar Advisor to PM on Human Rights, Mrs. Rubina Saadat Qaim Khani, MNA/Parliamentary Secretary, M/O Human Rights, as special invitee were present in the meeting.

With regard to progress report of five persons killed in Khroatabad Quetta on 17-05-2011, the Committee expressed dissatisfaction on the Police statements and advised the concerned Inspector General Police to probe the case justly. Ministry of Foreign Affairs was advised to obtain history and full details about 5 Chechens. A Sub-Committee comprising Farahnaz Ispahani, MNA, Capt (R) Muhammad Safdar, MNA, Rubina Saadat Qaim Khani, MNA, Dr. Attiya Inayatullah, MNA and Mustafa Khokhar, advisor to PM Ministry of Human Rights and Mr. Shafique Chaudhry, Executive Director, PCHR was constituted. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Russia/Cheechnie, Ministry of Interior, Inspector General Police Baluchistan Quetta will assist the Sub Committee.

With regard to Gojra incident dated 01-08-2009, the Committee was informed that in accordance with the recommendations of Judicial Commission action against Police officials have been completed. Action against DCO and DPO will be taken by Established Division. The representative of Established Division was absent.

With regard to murder of Journalist Mr. Saleem Shehzad, it was informed to the Committee that deceased body was found in the area of Heed Rasool, District Mundi Bahauddin. A case FIR No. 192 dated 30-05-2011 US/302 PS Secretary District, Mundi Bahauddin has been registered and investigation is continue.

With regard to killing of two brothers in Sialkot witness of 29 persons have been recorded Case is under trial in Antiterrorist Court.

With regard to progress report on Air Blue ED-202 in Margalla Hills 28th July 2010, DG Civil Aviation Authority explained that Rs.5 lac to the 136 legal heirs of each victim of the Air-blue Crash have been paid. A total of 65 cases have so far been received in Ministry of Defence, out of which, the compensation amount has been discussed to the legal hires of approximately forty victims during current financial years. The remaining are pending due to non completion of legal documents, MS Air blue is paying the following two types of compensation amount to legal heirs of the victims: –

Interim condolence payment (ICP): Rs. 550,000 each case
Final Compensation payment (FCP): Rs. 5,000,000 each case

They have reported that a total of (136) ICP and (53) FCP cases have been cleared. Rest of the cases will be cleared on receipt of succession certificate from legal heirs of the Air Blue crash victims.

The Committee advised Ministry of Defence to complete all cases of compensation within 04 weeks. Air Blue should be taken on board. DNA report should be shared. The responsibility and cause of crash of plane should be fixed and action should be taken accordingly. The report should be circulated to all members. Montreal Convention 1999 including Carriage of Airway Bill should be finalized without further delay. IATA rules should be translated in Urdu and English and provided with tickets to passengers. The scheme of Auto landing should be examined. The counters of Parliamentarians in Airports should be discontinued and converted for disabled persons. Facilities of rest etc should be provided to all transit passengers in all airports of Pakistan. The condition of refreshment, toilets and air-conditions should be improved in airports.

With regard to Progress report on Abbottabad case dated 12-06-2010, the Chief Secretary explained the position. The Committee expressed concern that victims sustained bullets in head and expired but neither responsibility fixed and nor departmental action have been taken. The Committee constituted a Fact Finding Committee under Chairperson of Ms. Fauzia Habib, MNA. Mrs. Samaria Yasir Rasheed, MNA, Mrs. Raheela Baloch, MNA, and Mrs. Samina Mushtaq Pagganwala, MNA, will be members. Kamran Arif, HRCP and Ch. Shafique, Secretary Ministry of Human Rights and Commissioner Hazara will assist the Committee. The Fact Finding Committee will also meet the blood relations of victims and President Bar Association and furnish report with one month. IGP Peshawar should also hold departmental enquiry and furnish report to the Committee.

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