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Message of Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani Prime minister of Pakistan on the advent of holy month of Moharram-ul-Haram and new Hijra year

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Islamabad: On the advent of new Hijra year and the Holy month of Moharrum-ul-Haram, I would like to greet the people of Pakistan and expatriate community from the core of my heart. The Muslims around the world begin the Islamic year with the holy month of Moharrum. This is a sacred month which has always enjoyed sanctity and respect in the world history.

The holy month of Moharrum is a watershed in the annals of human history in that it drew a clear line between the forces of falsehood and truth. It is an occasion that reminds the Muslims of the strength of values of patience, faithfulness, and a spirit of sacrifice against tyranny and arrogance.

The month of ‘Moharrum’ has become a metaphor of clash between the forces of right and wrong. It is a beacon of light not only for the Muslims but also for the entire civilized world, which cherishes freedom, human rights and moral values.

For last many years, Pakistan has been fighting with the scourges of terrorism and extremism. A handful of bigoted elements seek to impose their retrogressive agenda on the peaceful majority. They want to hijack away our identity and the values of inclusion and pluralism. Through their misplaced actions, these people have brought Pakistan and Islam into disrepute.

On the advent of holy month of Moharrum, we must make a vow to defeat the forces of bigotry, sectarianism and extremism. We need to forge unity in our ranks and rely on the fundamentals of our religion to seek salvation in this world and the hereafter.

May Allah enable us to serve our motherland!

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