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Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Message of Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Prime Minister of Pakistan on Defence Day of Pakistan

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Islamabad: Today is the 6th of September and the people of Pakistan celebrate this day as ‘Defence Day of Pakistan’ with traditional fervour with regard to September 1965 war. 46 years ago on this very day, we had to step in for Defence of our territorial frontiers and national sovereignty.

The enemy was under the erroneous assumption that it would be able to establish its foothold on our motherland due to its military prowess and aggressive strategy. But when it faced the valiant sons of the soil, defeat and failure became its destiny.

The way our armed forces discharged their duty of defending the frontiers of the motherland by demonstrating bravery has become a very important reference point of the military history. The entire nation forged unity in its ranks and stood shoulder to shoulder with its armed forces in this hour of great trial. Every Pakistan became a wall of lead. The memory of those days still warms our hearts and ignites the passion of patriotism even today.

Defence Day is a reflection of our national determination that Pakistan is a peace-loving country. We do not entertain any aggressive or expansionist designs against anyone but our love for peace should not be construed as our weakness. We can pay the enemy in the same coin if anyone undertakes any adventure against us.

We have the distinct honour of being the world’s seventh nuclear power and the first one to attain this capability in the Islamic world. Our nuclear program is safe in every respect. Pakistan’s Defence has become impregnable now. Our armed forces and the people of Pakistan are fully prepared to defend the national frontiers and no one can dare cast his evil eye on Pakistan.

We are playing decisive role in a war against terrorism with a view to making world a hub of peace. The entire civilized world acknowledges our role in this regard. On the occasion of Defence Day, we reiterate our resolve that we will continue to make efforts for establishment of peace and make sure that the scourge of terrorism is eliminated.

While celebrating the heroic sacrifices of our martyrs and Ghazis of September war, let us vow to shed our blood to the last drop in Defence of our motherland and for keeping the national flag afloat.

Pakistan Paindabad!

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