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Micro Stores Care Starz will expand its operation to Kasur and Gujaranwala

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by December 26, 2012 General

Lahore, December 26, 2012 (PPI-OT): Women are the nearby 50% of the total country population while their portion in GDP is only 23% because of unavailability of job and business opportunities. It is the fact that women have the ability to work in any field of the life like the effective participation of women in agriculture sector which is the toughest sector from all.

It is today requirement to make available opportunities to the women so that they may perform the productive role in family and country income instead of load on economy.

Care Starz is an independent, non-government and nonprofit organization working for the uplifting of social, economic and livelihoods standards of neglected and deprived communities in Pakistan in provision of the availability of quality food, Education and Enterprise Development particularly for children and women irrespective of caste, creed, gender or religion.

Care Starz launched its Women Enterprise Development program where Care Starz is facilitating the Women Micro entrepreneurs to setup Micro Stores at their homes. Under the pilot phase organization brought 30 Women micro stores in Lahore into system which are operating successfully and saving 2000/- PKR to 4000/- PKR every month.

The inauguration ceremony of the second phase held in Lahore in which not only social sector personalities invited but 30 Women Micro entrepreneurs also participated. Care Starz caught appreciation from the social sector personalities and Micro entrepreneurs shared their experiences to operate their micro business in the ceremony.

Care Starz will expand its operation to two more cities, Kasur and Gujaranwala and setup 200 Women Micro Stores, said by Aamir Malik (CEO) Care Starz. He also comments, this program will bring the real change in livelihoods standards of the poor families and make available quality products in deprived area at reasonable prices.

For more information, contact:
Care Starz
House No. 3, Street No, 2, Hussain Park,
Canal Bank, Ring Road,
Ph: +924237023523


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