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Mirani Dam vital for socio-economic uplift

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Lahore: Mirani Dam is a vital project for socio-economic uplift of the backward areas, as it would boost agriculture, develop fisheries and livestock, help mitigate floods, and provide water for domestic use.

While briefing the Senator, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch about the project, WAPDA Secretary Imtiaz Tajwar said that gross storage capacity of Mirani Dam is more than 300,000 acre feet of water. The dam has a command area of 33,200 acres of land if irrigated through conventional flood irrigation. The command area could be increased manifold if the latest irrigation techniques, such as drip and sprinkler, are adopted.

The legislator was informed that WAPDA completed Mirani Dam Project in 2007, but benefits of the project could not be fully accrued, as the command area is not developed by the authorities concerned. It is, therefore, all the more important that command area be developed as early as possible. It was told that only 8,000 acres of land has so far been developed, while land development in rest of the command area is to be expedited by Balochistan Government.

It was further briefed that Mirani Dam, soon after its completion, successfully withstood the worst-ever floods in 2007, caused by the tropical cyclone and substantial rainfall in the catchment of the project. The losses downstream were substantially mitigated by the dam but reservoir level rose to 271.4 feet causing significant losses upstream.

WAPDA Secretary informed that the compensation has already been paid to the flood affectees upto elevation of 244 feet as per estimation of Balochistan Government. The compensation upto elevation of 264 feet has also been paid except orchards, for which the veracity of facts by the local administration is in process. As far as losses between the elevation of 264 and 271 feet are concerned, WAPDA and Balochistan Government have asked for third party validation.

It is pertinent to mention that Mirani Dam Project is located on the river Dasht, 40 kilometers west of Turbat Town in Makran Region of Balochistan.

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