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Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Myth of Geo Super Closure

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Islamabad: This is apropos to the continuous fictitious, false and fabricated media campaign launched by a large media house against PEMRA for alleged closure of Geo Super channel transmission in Pakistan. It is ironic to witness that how a media group who is claimant of being torch bearer of truth and honesty has incessantly been hammering PEMRA and Govt. by issuing parable, parochial and concocted stories of Geo Super closure which are far from reality.

PEMRA has time and again clarified its stance through neutral print and electronic media to clarify general public and stakeholders of reality. Though, vast literate segment of society has been fully aware of myth being churned by the media group targeting PEMRA and Govt. Still there seems a few who are unaware of the reality and are deceived by media group.

Geo Super is a Dubai based foreign sports channel which was granted “Landing Rights Permission” in year 2007 to distribute its content in Pakistan through cable TV networks. The permission granted to foreign channel contain no provision to uplink any program / content from Pakistan.

Geo group has blocked transmission of Geo Super at their own and are depriving the public of sports activities. Rather, PEMRA has been issuing notices to Geo Super to immediately restore transmission from Dubai under its license terms and conditions.

The Geo Super saga is being articulated by the Geo group to pressurize PEMRA to issue them license to uplink from Pakistan for which they are not eligible under Rule 13 of PEMRA Rules-2009. They are also putting undue political, societal and media pressure to relax all rules and laws to favour them which was not accepted by PEMRA.

The question arises that PEMRA has 86 satellite TV channels licensees and 26 Landing rights permission holders. Of them, why only one media group has been accusing PEMRA of antagonism while no other channel or stakeholder has any complaint against PEMRA, its laws or operating procedures? Had there been any bias on part of PEMRA, it would have first closed the News channel of the group which round the clock is engaged is instilling negativity in viewer’s minds about PEMRA and the Govt.

PEMRA expects the civil society, lawyer and public to understand the reality or counter confirm the fact through other independent sources before reaching to any conclusion or opinion.

PEMRA believes in self regulation, transparency, fair play and healthy / objective competition. PEMRA has never acted as martinet to impose arbitrary sanction against any licensee or media group. As regulator, PEMRA has always acted as facilitator to help flourish the private electronic media in country.

For more information, contact:
Muhammad Tahir
Deputy General Manager
Media and PR
Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA)
Tel: +92 51 910 7128
Fax: +92 51 910 7112


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