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Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights meets

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Islamabad: A meeting of the Standing Committee on Human Rights was held on 08th June, 2011 at 11:00 am in the Committee Room No.02, Parliamentary House, Islamabad. Mr. Riaz Fatyana, MNA/ Chairman Standing Committee on Human Rights chaired the meeting. The agenda of meeting was as under:-

a. Present status of Human Rights.

b. Progress Report on Abbottabad case dated 12-4-2010 with regard to recommendations of previous meetings of Standing Committee on Human Rights.

c. Progress report with regard to 5 persons killed in Khrotabad, Quetta on 17-05-2011.

d. Misbehave and stoppage of Parliamentarian’s vehicle by Islamabad Police to attend the Joint Session of Parliament on 13-05-2011.

e. Implementation status of the recommendations of meetings held on 18-08-2009, 01-09-2009 and 29-09-2009. Women’s Autonomy in Adoption of contraceptive measures and Domestic Violence. Denial of Women Inheritance.

f. Affairs of Pak-Shama School, Doha and conditions lay down for the purpose of affiliation of an Institution with the Federal Board – Case of Mr. Waseem, physical Instructor.

g. Any other item with the permission of chair.

Mrs. Farahnaz Ispahani, MNA, Mrs. Samina Mushtaq Pagganwala, MNA, Ms. Raheela Baloch, MNA, Ms. Fauzia Habib, MNA, Dr. Mehreen Razzaque Bhutto, MNA Dr. Araish Kumar, Mrs. Kishwar Zehra, MNA, Mr. Jawad Hussain, MNA, Dr. Attiya Inayatullah, Syed Mumtaz Alam Gilani, MNA attended the meeting.

The Committee expressed concern on the incident of stoppage of Parliamentarian’s Vehicle for one hour by Islamabad Police to attend the Joint Session of Parliament on 13-05-2011. The Committee dubbed the incident as criminal negligence, non-professional, un-ethical, miss-conduct and miss-behaviour by Islamabad Police and advised to improve the attitude in the letter and spirit. The IGP Police, Islamabad clarified that concerned official is suspended and enquiry is on the way and report will be furnished very soon.

The Committee condemned the incident of killing of 5 persons in Akhrotabad, Quetta on 17-05-2011 and dubbed the act as un-human. The Committee said that the act of uniform force, i.e; Police and Frontier Constabulary (FC) is criminal as pregnant woman and four other innocent members of family were killed. Rather, the police stolen the golden locket from a dead body. Baqar Shah, Police Surgeon explained the position that dead body was brought at 6:05 pm and cause of death was only firing. Total 56 bullets were fired out of which 26 bullets have been recovered. There was no sign of suicide belt on their bodies. The Committee called Ch. Mushtaq, Police Officer, IG FC, Baluchistan in the next meeting. The Committee expressed displeasure for absence of EX-CCOP and present CCOP, Quetta and recommended that both officials should be summoned as per rule and in case they did not appear before the meeting, the Committee may direct the respective Core Commander Quetta to arrest them and present before the Committee.

The relevant officers of Ministry of Foreign Affairs should also be present. The Committee constituted a fact finding team of Mustafa Khokhar, Advisor to Prime Minister, Mrs. Farahnaz Ispahani, MNA Raheela Baloch, MNA, Mrs. Kishwar Zehra, MNA representative of civil society and Media to visit Quetta and furnish report. Ministry of Human Right will pursue the case and ensure the submission of report before 29th June as the matter will be discussed in the meeting scheduled to be held on 29th June 2011.

With regard to Abbottabad firing case dated 12-04-2010, the Committee enquired from the official of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa that clear cut directions were given by the Ministry of Human Rights on 12-5-2011 and three FIRs dated 30-04-2010, 06-05-2010 and 11-05-2010 were registered and no action has been yet taken. The Additional Secretary, (Police), Khyber Pakhtunkhawa clarified that Federal Government has not yet been consulted. The Committee agitated and given dead line of 07 days to Muhammad Ramazan, Additional Secretary (Police) Home Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa for completion of the proceedings. If directions are not implemented by 20-06-2011, disciplinary action shall be initiated against Chef Secretary and IGP, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa through Federal Secretary Establishment. They should be called in the next meeting.

The Committee reiterated that as they are custodian of nation therefore the matter shall be dealt with iron hands and concerned officers will face the consequences.

With regard to affairs of Pak Shama School, the Committee listened to victims Muhammad Asghar and Muhammad Hayat Abbasi. Chairman Federal Board Of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) confirmed that the concerned school is affiliated with FBISE, however, they have no administrative control. The Committee said that as $10 billion foreign remittance is coming from Pakistanis working abroad, therefore it is moral duty and responsibility of Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ FBISE to look after their interests. The Committee recommended for preparation of a comprehensive agreement/ deeds and implement the same in letter and spirit. The Case was deferred. The Chairman FBISE was advised to intervene in the matter. Ministry of Foreign Affairs was advised to depute CWAs for the cause and furnish the report.

Regarding letter from Lt. Col (Rtd) Shamim Sheikh in connection with Airblue plane crash incident, the Committee recommended to call DG CAA and Additional Secretary concerned Ministry of Defense to explain the position in next meeting.

Regarding Police Order 2002, the Committee advised to constitute Police Compliant Authority and National Safety Public Commission. The Committee said that Police have acquired all magistrate powers and did nothing for interest of public at large. The Human Rights Cell should be established in all provinces. Regarding road accidents, the Committee expressed concern that 7000/ people are died by accidents, and recommended to ensure the implementation of safety rules. The previous recommendations of Standing Committee in connection with accident of containers and dumpers have been not properly implemented.

The Committee took serious notice that Ministry of Human Rights has asked Ministry of Interior and they have not yet sent the follow up report. Speed limit is not controlled and driving licenses are issued after taking the bribery. Ministry of Interior was advised to hold meeting for control of road accidents and amend the relevant rules. Driving schools should be established at District level. The Provincial traffic police are indulged in corruption. Their mobile phone should be switched off. The Committee advised Ministry of Interior to examine the proposal that traffic police should be under control of DPO. The role of FIA should be also examined.

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