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Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

National Disaster Management Authority undertaken a comprehensive Flood Disaster Management Strategy

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Islamabad: The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is the focal agency at the federal level for coordination, implementation of the complete cycle of disaster management ranging from prevention, mitigation, preparedness, rescue, relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation. In this backdrop and on the basis of lessons learned from 2010 devastating floods, the NDMA has undertaken a comprehensive Flood Disaster Management Strategy including conduct of field visits for evaluating the progress on the repair and maintenance of the flood protection infrastructure as well as to ascertain the progress on the damaged infrastructure.

Besides, the NDMA is also in the process of updating Monsoon Contingency Plan through elaborated consultative process. The draft of which would be shared with all stakeholders during the 5th Pre-Monsoon Coordination Meeting planned for 15th June, 2011.

In order to sensitize the Provincial Departments including Provincial Disaster Management Authorities, Irrigation and Powers Departments of the Provinces, the NDMA have issued/suggested guidelines as well as a list of actions required to be completed before the onset of the forthcoming Monsoon Season. The provinces have been requested to take extra precautionary measures for ensuring quality of maintenance work underway in different parts of the country and they were also requested to create monitoring and vigilance mechanism on 24/7 basis during the flood season in order to timely identify and untoward situation and taking necessary remedial actions before the hand.

The Provinces have been also been requested to finalize their respective Flood Fighting Plans at Provincial and District Levels in coordination with respective armed forces formations so that all resources can be mobilized at shortest possible notice in case of any disaster situation.

The NDMA is also regularly following up with Provinces and Regional Disaster Management Authorities in AJ and K, GB and FAT and keeping the humanitarian community updated about the axons being taken for flood fighting arrangements during the forthcoming monsoon season.

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