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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

No impact on Dual Citizenship Bill: Minister of State for Housing and Works

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Islamabad: Minister of State for Housing and Works Raza Hayat Harraj has termed the news reports as misleading and incorrect appearing in a section of Press stating that the Bill regarding dual citizenship and foreign assets tabled y Raza Hayat Harraj has no legal validity and it has been expired by the assuming office as the Minister.

While clarifying the position, the Minister maintained that the change in status will not affect the bill. It was moved as a private member and the then Government did not oppose it. Therefore, it took the legal course and was referred to the Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. Now this bill is the property of the house and the Committee thereof. The Committee will consider it in its due course. Therefore the change in status will rather prove in support of the proposed legislation.
He said that publishing of such news item without knowing its legal position was totally unjustified.

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