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One-Day Consultative Meeting on Media as a Partner in Ending Violence against Women

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Islamabad: Uks Research Centre, Islamabad, in collaboration with UN Women organized a one-day consultative meeting with selected media persons on “Media as a Partner to Promote Gender Sensitive Reporting on Violence against Women” on the 4th of June 2011, at Best Western Hotel, Islamabad.

The aim of this consultation was to bring together media representatives from a wide range of backgrounds to discuss the importance of media’s role to change our society’s prevailing mindsets on gender-based violence. And how can the media be helpful to empower women who have lived with violence to break their silence. The foremost aim of this consultative meeting was to bring the participants together on establishing a Media Task Force comprising of committed media persons on promoting zero tolerance for violence against women and effective non judgmental reporting.

The guests were senior media personalities, senior media managers and communication specialists with extensive experience in the media field. Their recommendations have helped Uks and developing partners in identifying a way forward to design media interventions through which more gender sensitive reporting can be achieved.

The consultation also highlighted the findings of the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Global Report on the Status of Women in the News Media, about the overwhelming gendered pattern as one of key issue which contributes towards women marginalization at various levels in the media As per the report men outnumber women in media with the ratio of 5:1. In Pakistan’s context, the report further brings to our attention the need to focus on this aspect of gender parity as a key component of any gender policy. It is also time to reflect on media in Pakistan, as picture of the society with citations of gender biases and blindness. It was highlighted by Uks and UN Women together with Media representatives participants that there is an urgent need to bring forward women’s issues and give women and their concerns an enhanced place in the mainstream media.

Ms. Tasneem Ahmar, director Uks started it off by giving some examples of the different forms of violence against women that are exist in our society and showed how these are reported in the media. The guests present on this occasion, including the likes of Quatrina Hosain (Express TV), Huma Amir Shah (Express TV), Zahir Sherazi (bureau chief Dawn News), Farah Zia (Editor the News on Sunday), Amir Mateen and other personalities from TV and Radio chipped in with their comments and feedback. They gave their recommendations on forming a media task-force for ending violence against women.

Uks is a research, resource and publication centre dedicated to the cause of gender equality and women’s development. Uks is an advocacy and rights-based group seeking to raise awareness and assist implementation of our goals and ideals. The Centre focuses on the women-media relationship; a concern that has hitherto remained poorly represented by organizations working on women’s rights.

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