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Outstanding dues of advertising agencies/newspapers to settle per fixed criteria

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Islamabad: The Spokesman of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting while commenting on the news item regarding the 10 years old outstanding dues of advertising agencies/newspapers against the Federal government said that payments would be made in accordance with the criteria as endorsed by the Finance division as well as the rules and regulations through the office of the Accountant General of Pakistan.

It needs to be mentioned that the Ministry of information and Broadcasting in consultation with the APNS, proposed a procedure to clear the long outstanding advertisement dues through the office of the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR). The Summary presented to the Prime Minister neither mentioned any rule to be relaxed nor he was required to do the same. The proposal in the Summary sought approval of recommendations of the Committee of APNS and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to rationalize the procedural formality for submission of claims since the liabilities were long overdue.

The spokesman reiterated that the policy of the government is to facilitate media and help redress their genuine issues through consultative process.

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