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Pakistan Supports Malaysia’s Muslim 5 Initiative

by December 4, 2019 General

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has shown Pakistan’s full support for the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad’s initiative of a collaboration of five Muslim nations, which include Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Qatar, and Malaysia, for socio economic development in the region.

Qureshi made these remarks while speaking at the second Kuala Lampur Summit Ministerial Meeting in the Doha.

Addressing the meeting, Qureshi maintained that the challenges faced by Muslim countries in the field of governance, development, climate change, terrorism, and Islamophobia required a comprehensive response.

The foreign minister noted that the ‘juggernaut of globalization’ was causing civilizational and cultural erosion for Muslim Ummah and underscored the need for preventive measures.

We must not only make sure that we are not left behind but can preserve our unique civilizational identity, cultural personality, and national sovereignty.

He highlighted that Pakistan, Iran, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey combined, produce 50% of the total GDP of the Muslim world.

We must have the requisite political and diplomatic space to enhance beneficial cooperation among us for socioeconomic development.

Qureshi added that during the KL summit, Pakistan will propose cooperation in the fields of trade, tourism, Islamic banking, food security, higher education, science and technology, and women empowerment among the Muslim 5 countries.

He also endorsed the statement of Malaysian PM, who said that the Muslim 5 is not meant to challenge any existing organization.

He said that the said forum will be more than a think tank or a discussion forum where participating countries will undertake concrete projects for collaboration.

Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Qatar, and the host, Malaysia, attended the Doha meeting while the main summit is scheduled from December 18 to 21 in Kuala Lampur.

The summit will focus on seven key areas which are as under:

1. Sovereignty, Integrity and good governance

2. Culture and identity

3. Justice and freedom

4. Peace

5. Security and defense

6. Trade and investment

7. Technology and internet governance

Source: Pro Pakistani