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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Broadband Pakistan completes four years of successful service

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Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has the unique status in Pakistan of providing Broadband services in over 1000 cities across the country to over 600,000 customers, says a press release to mark four years of PTCL’s successful DSL service operations across the country.

PTCL has been instrumental in making the service available to general public across the country, through huge investments in expansion and extension infrastructure of its Broadband services. Before PTCL started providing Broadband service, this service it was only restricted to three major cities of the country.

PTCL is spearheading the spread of broadband culture in Pakistan, where till a few years back there was little awareness in the market about broadband and multimedia technologies, nor were there any significant players the field to cater to the mass market with provision of high speed internet. Since the launch Broadband Pakistan in May 2007, PTCL has made the broadband technology affordable by offering low-cost packages and by geographically taking the service to the remotes and underserved areas bringing it within access of ordinary users.

Major reason for growth of PTCL Broadband services has been its effective customer segmentation and geographical reach. PTCL’s Broadband facilitates the segment that relies heavily on high speed connectivity i.e. the students. Special packages for students along with services such as free dial up for its Broadband customers and FREE access to movies, music, classical Pakistani dramas and cricket matches, educational and religious content for its Broadband customers, that is branded as ‘PTCL BUZZ’ and is a complete web infotainment content portal, is available exclusive only to PTCL Broadband subscribers. PTCL also offers a free personalized e-mail account exclusively to its Broadband users. Besides these PTCL is providing a host of data services including Smart TV and Quad play connection with I Sentry surveillance camera and a range of Broadband data rates starting from 256Kbps going up to 50Mbps speeds, accommodating and facilitating a wide strata of customers.

PTCL’s SEVP Commercial Mr. Naveed Saeed says that PTCL has always been the first to introduce and provide the benefits of latest technologies to the customers. “We have many innovative products for our valued customers which we intend to introduce periodically in the near future. It is PTCL’s mandate to take Broadband Pakistan to every household of the country” he stated.

PTCL’s EVP Wire line Business Mr. Aasif Inam said that PTCL being a customer centric organization has always strived to address the needs of its customers with the intention and aim to provide affordable high speed internet connectivity to each and every individual of the country. PTCL acknowledges and appreciates its loyal customers who have made Broadband Pakistan the number one Broadband service provider in the country by making it their preferred choice.

For more information, contact:
Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL)
F-8 Exchange, Nazim-Ud-Din Road F-8/1, Islamabad
Tel: +9251 111 20 20 20
Fax: +9251 111 21 21 21


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