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Monday, September 27th, 2021

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Clarifies

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Islamabad: This refers to the news item published in Dawn on 18 July 2011 titled “PTCL staff faces pay cut for rights struggle” in which some misleading and false statements have been made purposely to hoodwink the general public and honourable concerned authorities regarding the illegal activities of few miscreants and notorious elements.

PTCL management wants to make it clear that there is no such group as PTCL United Workers Alliance registered with NIRC nor management is aware of its existence. Four persons quoted in the news item are not PTCL employees and have been terminated one year back on account of misconduct being involved in illegal and unlawful activities. They are on bails from high court and are under prosecution in various criminal cases, suits for damage claims and sabotaging not only PTCL’s network but also to ruin country’s communication setup during the most devastating floods ever in the history of Pakistan. Through such statements, they want to exploit, for their own nefarious designs, by misleading the authorities about the factual position.

PTCL is proud to be an employee friendly company and is providing all legitimate and genuine rights to its staff purely on merit and transparency. Not a single employee has ever been forcibly laid off from the company; however the best ever Voluntary Separation Scheme of the country in 2008 was offered to its employees, which was overwhelmingly successful and was hailed by employees in a big way as it offered lucrative benefits to those who opted voluntarily to avail it. In fact, the employees’ response to the scheme was so positive that the management had to refuse the applications of a lot of employees who wanted to quit under this scheme to avoid shortage of staff. PTCL is paying the salaries to all its employees in accordance with rules and regulations without any discrimination. In addition, very lucrative and generous incentives are paid to hardworking and efficient employees.

PTCL management reserves the right to take legal recourse against these elements for their ill motives to defame the organization and will not succumb to the blackmailing tactics of these rogue elements who, out of sheer desperation, try to disrupt peaceful working atmosphere in PTCL through such baseless media campaign.

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