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PCB Official Suffers Mental Breakdown Due to Bad Behavior by Seniors

by November 20, 2021 Press Release

An official of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently resigned citing mental health issues due to insensitive behavior by a couple of senior PCB officials.

Sources revealed that the unnamed PCB official had to be taken to hospital after suffering from a mental breakdown. He spent a few days in the hospital to recover before he was finally cleared by the doctors to go home. It is believed that the official suffered from mental health issues due to unnecessary stress at work and the behavior of his fellow seniors.

It is reported that the PCB employee had made several complaints regarding the insensitive behavior and even the parents of the employee got involved and filed complaints to the higher-ups in the PCB. After the incident, the PCB official stopped coming to work and eventually handed in his resignation.

It is understood that the incident took place under the previous PCB management. After Ramiz assumed charge of the chairmanship of the PCB, he warned the employees that such behavior will not be tolerated within the organization.

PCB Director Media, Samiul Hasan Burney responded on the matter and revealed that the PCB was not aware of the situation and no complaints were filed by the PCB official before the incident. He said that while the official was working with the PCB he had not raised any concerns but he brought up such things right after resigning from his role.

In other news, a similar incident occurred when a PCB employee made serious allegations against a senior PCB official. The story of the incident was not made public and the senior official resigned from their post soon after the allegations were made.

Source: Pro Pakistani