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Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Police Reluctant to Implement Court Orders: Union miscreants injure KESC men, cause KANUPP to trip

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company management staff reopened the utility’s head offices on Monday with reluctant help of police personnel who did not provide any protection to reopen other three main offices of the utility as per plan and despite the judgment of Sindh High Court passed on June 23 directly instructing the Provincial Police Officer, Capital Police Officer and Deputy Inspector General Police South Zone to ensure free entry and exit of the employees and management of KESC to their offices and installations, and to remove any permanent blockage from the footpaths and roads outside the KESC offices.

The union miscreants also caused tripping of KANUPP depriving the City of 80 megawatts of electricity. Despite promises and agreements the previous day, the police authorities were unwilling to cooperate Monday morning as they made themselves unavailable to the KESC management. As per the arrangements with town police officers and their higher authorities, the KESC employees gathered at four points: Gizri police station for entry into head offices; Artillery Maidan police station for entering main offices in State Life Building; Civil Lines police station for reopening of Power House at Elandar Road, and, at Civic Centre for entering into KESC block. The police, however, did not respond at any of the four places except for bowing down to employees’ pressure at Gizri, but rather silently allowed union hooligans to attack and beat up the employees. No officers were available except for the subordinate staff members who discouraged the utility’s employees as if as a hint to their department’s will to violate the plan.

At Gizri police station, the KESC employees gathered in the largest number. The police officials informed them that negotiations were in progress at another place and they had not received any instructions. When the employees did not get discouraged, dozens of union motorcyclists appeared on the scene moving in the midst of the employees waving sticks, hurling humiliating abuses and threatening words of dire consequences in the presence of motionless policemen. Undeterred by the scaring attempt, the employees insisted upon the policemen to provide protection and ensure free entry into the offices under the orders of Sindh High Court and the promises made by the superior police authorities. The policemen informed them that the unionists present outside the head offices were in a terrible mood and there could be a big clash. However, after much persuasion, the police provided mobile vans to escort the employees convoy into the head offices. At other three points, however, the policemen did not move even when unionists attacked employees and injured them, harassed away consumers coming to get their complaints registered. At Civic Centre, the police asked the employees to wait as “discussions” were in progress somewhere else. Soon, a group of armed union hooligans attacked KESC employees from Gulshan IBC outside the utility’s block with sticks which also hit two general managers. The unionists later attacked the Call Centre 118 employees who had taken shelter in CDGK canteen and harassed them out of the Civic Centre.

The RPD employees were also forced out of the Civic Centre premises by union hooligans. At State Life Building, the KESC employees assembled as per program set by police department. The police did not offer any help but said they have yet to receive instructions from the officers who were in meeting somewhere. In the meanwhile, groups of unionists attacked the waiting employees and threatened them of dire consequences. The Artillery Maidan police did not respond when KESC officials sought protection from them. The unionists intercepted the employees on way back from police station and hurled abuses and threats. A TV channel crew was intercepted outside Civil Lines Police Station where employees had gathered to enter Power House office of KESC at Elandar Road as per arrangement. The miscreants surrounded the TV van and forced them to stay inside the vehicle by physical manhandling. They forced the van to leave the place. Four KESC employees including an assistant manager and an ACCA trainee were beaten up by union mob in front of the Handicraft Building while entering the utility’s offices. In the light of SHC judgment of June 23, and further instructions from Sindh Home Department, the Government of Sindh vide SO (LE-II)/HD/8-1/2011 of June 23, to Provincial Police Officer, the Police Department had promised to provide security to KESC employees at their offices and installations during business hours commencing at 8.00 am on daily basis with effect from June 27. The higher police authorities in consultation with KESC management had chalked out a detailed programme for providing due security at four main offices first, to ensure free movement for KESC employees. Town Police Officers were assigned the task of making arrangements at offices located in their respective areas. However, the government failed to establish writ of law and the well chalked out police plan did not bring any results. Mr. Akram Siddiqui, General Manager Meter Department was severely beaten up and injured by union miscreants at Power House Elandar Road who also looted his cell phone and other belongings. He was taken to hospital for medical aid.

Earlier, the union miscreants caused four times tripping of Baldia Mauripur circuit as no fault was found there. KANUPP Baldia circuit No. 1 and 2 were also caused to trip more than once. This frequent tripping of circuits linked to the nuclear power plant finally rendered the KANUPP to trip and go offline. The KESC maintenance teams attended 29 locations of 220 KV Baldia-Mauripur circuit but the union miscreants intercepted them and forced them to stop work at gunpoint. Besides tripping of KANUPP linked circuits, the union miscreants under planned sabotage caused tripping of CCPP to KCR-2 circuit in Korangi which in turn tripped a gas turbine in the 220-Combined Cycle Power Plant; and, 220kv KCR-Lalazar-2 circuit. The KESC has said that the sabotage was aimed to put the citizens into suffering the misery of even longer duration of power outages. This unlawful act was directly in violation of High Court orders. The government needed to ensure due protection of KESC employees, offices and installations in order to save the general public from miserable prolonged outages. The KESC understands that the being a public service utility, its first and foremost responsibility is to run the power supply system as best as possible. However, if forced to stop work through sheer use of muscle power and planned sabotage, the KESC would have no choice but to shut down its operations responsibility of which would lie on the government and its law enforcement machinery. The government needs not to let a bunch of miscreants play with the lives of about 20 million population of Karachi. The authorities needed to apprehend the outlaws who are bent upon upsetting the City life.

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