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Friday, September 24th, 2021

Political will and unity among political parties is essential for combating crises in Pakistan

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Faisalabad: Peace and Human Development (PHD) and Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation (AWAM) in collaboration with Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) organized a training of trainers on ‘Human Rights and Democracy’ at Quilim Restaurant in Faisalabad. As many as 36 Muslim and Christian participants including youth, teachers and representatives of civil society organizations actively participated in the training. At this juncture, Samson Salamat (Director-CHRE), George Clement (Coordinator-LEAP), Naseem Anthony (Executive Secretary-AWAM), Suneel Malik (Director-PHD) and Nazia Sardar spoke to the participants.

The participants for the enforcement of culture of democracy and human rights in Pakistan demanded that: all political parties despite their personal or policy differences should adopt strategy of negotiation for resolving the crises of Pakistan in the supreme interest of the country; government must avoid confrontation with media and judiciary considering them key components of democracy; all the laws against women, curbing the basic human rights as enshrined in the constitution must be amended, and appropriate measures must be taken to remove social, cultural, religious, legal and political barriers in the way of women’s progress; all the citizens must be acknowledged as equal by elimination of class division between ruler and public, and they must be provided with equal opportunities and resources irrespective of any discrimination.

Samson Salamat said, “The endeavours for promotion and protection of human rights are termed as contrary to culture, religion and traditions in our society, therefore severe human rights violations like domestic violence and honour killing are justified and protected in the cover of religion and culture.” “Pakistan is legally bound to treat all citizens equally, and to take appropriate steps for the uplift of weak and marginalized groups by ensuring their representation in every field of life, but violence, lawlessness, injustice, intolerance and extremism in our society is on the rise due to improper implementation of domestic and international laws,” he added.

George Clement said, “Democracy is the system of governance which guarantees public participation in decision making process, but Pakistan has always been ruled directly or indirectly by the landlords, industrialists, religious leaders, judges and military generals due to strong ties among them, therefore public seems to be vanished from so-called democratic system since the creation of Pakistan.” “The political system is gradually heading towards the real democratic system in Pakistan, therefore there is a clear indication that leadership from the middle class will emerge in near future and grab hold of the rule from the hands of traditional leaders of elite class,” he added.

Naseem Anthony said, “Since there is patriarchal system in our society, so several customs and traditions against females are in practice in Pakistan, therefore females must be accepted as a human being rather than commodity for getting rid of negative tendencies towards females.” “The purpose of the promotion of education on human rights and democracy is to bring about positive change in behaviours, and to struggle for framing domestic policies and legislation in line with globally accepted standards, and purpose of the promotion of human rights concepts and principles is to respect, accept and tolerate all human beings despite having any cultural, ethnic, religious and ideological differences with them,” he added.

Suneel Malik said, “The ultimate goal of the human rights and democracy is to establish culture of peace, democracy and human rights in the society, but due to the lack of enforcement of human rights and democratic values and norms in Pakistan, there exist inequality, injustice and discrimination on the basis of race, class, gender, faith, caste and colour in our society, which needs to be removed for the prosperous future of Pakistan.”

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