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PPI Original Text (PPI-OT) – Crafts Inventors Exhibition kicked off at Rawalpindi Arts Council

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Islamabad, May 08, 2012 (PPI-OT): Craft inventors Exhibition arranged by Rawalpindi Arts Council kicked off at its art gallery here on Tuesday. Local artisans Batool Qureshi, Qasim Ali Qureshi and Zubaria Qureshi exhibited their ceramics, pottery decoration, jute work, tie and dye and drawing work collectively. Seema Jillani, member National Assembly inaugurated the exhibition. It was their maiden exhibition in which as many as 140 art pieces were put on display at exhibition.

A large number of art lovers and students of various art institutions came to see the rare and unique works. The artisans had worked on various ideas through their works which were rich in terms of creativity and novelty.

The exhibition housed as many as 10 paintings from collage to abstract with pencil drawings met with a loud applause by the art lovers. The family’s inheritance art spread to ancestors and wants to transfer this into next generation.

In marked contrast, Qasim Ali’s work is particular and pointed, drawing on specific memories and experience to explore the rituals of domestic life. Yet he too requires an effort of completion from the viewer.

Zubaria Qureshi’s unique glazing techniques and his creative passion, coupled with a strong Oriental flavour, make her work unparalleled. It is fascinating how her modern art work enlivens the vernacular tradition without staying traditional. The material foundation of this aesthetics is to transform the traditional forms of ceramics into an artistic agent of entirely new significance, making it an innovative modern art.

Seema Jilani, member National Assembly pointed out that the exhibition is a significant document of centuries old art craft practices but ‘the vexed question is that it is a living tradition in serious danger of extinction.

Playing a counterpoint to these often organic environmental undertones is Batool Qureshi’s elegant clean architectural approach to form and structure. Among the pieces on show at Rawalpindi Arts Council were variations on her ‘standing form’ or, less prosaically, ‘shell vase’; vessels built on a single or multi-celled base shape, with tall, tapering forms, Seema further added.

Naheed Manzoor said that Batool Qureshi described her work with clay as a process of exploration. She creates a personal beauty, one that requires us to bring our own sense of completion to it. “Organic curves and an inherently strong shape were present in another series of vessels, whose gentle reserves, perhaps recalling a hip flask, seemed comfortable nested with each other”, Naheed said.

The exhibition will remain open till May 10, 2012.

For more information, Contact:
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