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PPI Original Text (PPI-OT) – Pakistani exporters, business man should explore and avail business opportunities throughout the world

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by May 21, 2012 General

Karachi, May 21, 2012 (PPI-OT): Pearl shine group Int. is a Private Ltd company, commonly known as “PSGI” capturing the market as B2B service provider to the exporter, importers, buyers, seller, manufacturing and trading companies.

Having its Presence with 2 offices in Pakistan with over 150 employees, PSGI also has offices in Pakistan, Canada, Malaysia and UAE and have gradually increasing no of clients globally.

CEO and Founder PSGI Irfan Haider Awan talking to Business Recorder: Pakistani exporter’s need online appearance because the World has turned into global village in true senses and now the Pakistani exporters and business man should explore and avail the business opportunities throughout the world with new era of technology and E-Business mechanism that will not only increase their economies of scale but also balance in trade of Pakistani economy.

Economies of many countries are growing via online opportunities- Unfortunately Pakistan don’t have any substantial shares in online business while all the developed, developing and under development countries are welcoming to online opportunities. In the whole world online trade transaction have exceeded from 12.4 trillion, if Pakistan takes a benefit of online trading its income can be multiplied by twice or thrice easily.

Online business opportunities can boost Pak Trade, Pak exporter needs to use the strength of Internet to enhance their businesses, Internet is the future of Pakistani economy and if we utilize the full potential of these opportunities available on the internet via B2B industries, country could easily boost its exports.

In the reply of question what is B2B in fact, he said that this is an online space or platform that brings together buyers and sellers to communicate, collaborate, and to rend their business transactions, and in Pakistan PSGI is providing these services with world’s 2 big B2B and other one is the largest Global B2B platform

PSGI goal is to give solution and business to every industry, exporter and businessman from Pakistan for their products and services, sitting in their offices or homes. Although, Pakistani members are not tuned pay for extensive and special services, whereas B2B platforms are also offering some free basic services, but still PSGI is struggling to bring every exporter and importer of Pakistan to a B2B platform to increase their profits, reduce their cost and increase exports of Pakistan.

As The company helps small businesses convert into global enterprises by providing them a state of the art online and by using the platform they could market their products internationally, find genuine buyers, satisfy their buying needs and explore regional and international business opportunities, We are a SME and want to help SME to grow in multinational company-CEO and Founder of PSGI-Irfan Haider Awan

B2B platform increases the revenue of exporters and reduces cost. Online opportunities can increase the profits of Pakistani exporters, where they can explore better opportunities. Increase in export ultimately results in increase in economic growth.

The Objective of PSGI is PSGI-changing the way business is conducted in the trading economy of Pak. PSGI forges to do partnership with world’s largest and biggest B2B platform of Alibaba, by which export of Pakistan will be accelerated and boosted-Faizan Awan-Head of Business Development, PSGI PSGI is providing many types of E-Business services to Pakistan and awaring Pakistani’s about e-business.

PSGI vision is to be the biggest B2B Company of Asia in next 3 years at least and aims to employ 1000 more peoples in next three years and want to grow economy of Pakistan through every possible way. The most fun part of business, at least to me, is to contribute to the future. Positive thinking is key: The future is always beautiful. Faizan Awan-Head of Business Development-PSGI.

“We have the knowledge. We have the technology to solve our economic problems. But if we don’t take them seriously, we’re going to pay a huge, huge price later.”Irfan Haider Awan CEO and Founder of PSGI

For more information, contact:
Pearl Shine Group International (PSGI)
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Media Contact 03225287734
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