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Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Prime Minister Gilani shares successes in War on Terror Terms Democracy in Pakistan Crucial for Regional Stability

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Islamabad: Pakistan appreciates that UK realizes crucial role of Pakistan’s in the peaceful settlement of Afghanistan along the lines that no negative fallout effects Pakistan or any other country of the region after the scaling down of international forces .Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani acknowledged this support in a meeting with Mark Philip Sedwill the UK’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan who called on him, here, today. Prime Minister asserted Pakistan’s stance that West should draw a clear cut roadmap and framework for an Afghan led solution…

While elaborating upon international cooperation on war against terrorism the prime Minister pointed out that despite high level of cooperation from Pakistan including intelligence sharing due recognition has not been accorded to Pakistan for its share in the victories in the war on terror but whenever there is any failure the onus is directed towards Pakistan. He called upon international community to consider Pakistan as partner in real sense having share in both successes and failures. He said that the impact of this attitude was contrary to the support that Pakistan requires to strengthen democracy in Pakistan which was vital in defeating terrorism. Only democracy, he added, can help Pakistan in sustaining political support and stabilize the economy much needed to confront the security challenges which threaten international peace.

Mr. Sedwill assured that the British government is fully cognizant of Pakistan’s concerns in the scenario for settlement of Afghan issue .and would like to work more closely with Pakistan. UK he mentioned clearly understands Pakistan’s point of view as well as its strengths and influence for peaceful settlement of Afghanistan solution. He further added that call for enhancing Pakistan’s trade with EU and beyond should be seen as a strategic issue rather than a simple economic issue.

Prime Minister Gilani further added that cross border incursions were being carried out by the elements who do not want Pakistan and Afghanistan to come closer and work together for stability in the region. He emphasized for checking these incursions to avoid derailment of close brotherly relations between the two countries, While referring to two tier Joint Commission on Reconciliation that has been set up by Pakistan and Afghanistan he said that inaugural meeting of the first tier level of the commission led by the chief executives of two countries was held in Islamabad had helped to establish better understanding on both sides. ,The first meeting of the Joint Commission’s second tier level which was held in Kabul on June 29th this year also showed positive outcome he added.

The Prime Minister congratulated Mr. Sedwill on his appointment to his present position. He expressed confidence that his appointment that would be helpful in

promoting peace in the region due to his knowledge and understanding of both the countries acquired through serving in both Afghanistan and Pakistan during his diplomatic career.

The Prime Minister called upon the international community to focus on stability and peace in Afghanistan in the post 2014 scenario as the region cannot afford Afghanistan plunge into chaos again. He said that Pakistan was trying to fight the menace of terrorism despite heavy odds but need international support to sustain its commitment.

Dwelling upon parameters of Pakistan’s policy on Afghanistan, he said “our position is very clear, we want a stable, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan through a smooth transition. Pakistan he added believes in non –interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. The Prime Minister emphasized that the West needs to have a clear roadmap and hoped that the time before the Bonn Conference would be utilized to the maximum to draw a strategy that ensures peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan after the possible wit drawl of ISAF forces in 2014.

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