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Punjab University College of Information Technology develops better image processing software than adobe Photoshop

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Lahore: Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT) faculty members and Image Processing Researchers have developed cutting-edge software, which can be used to remove different types of bars and fences from images/pictures.

The team of researchers including Lecturers Muhammad Shahid Farid and Muhammad Hassan Khan, are working under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr Arif Mahmood. This image de-fencing software has outperformed existing fence removal software by significant margins and is no doubt, currently, the best known software in the world. Even the existing state of the art image editing software’s, such as Adobe Photoshop, do not have this feature.

The team has also worked on a novel image in-painting algorithm that can be used for the removal of unwanted objects, such as scratches, from digital images. This software is being used as a component in the fence removal software. Shahid Farid and Dr. Arif Mahmood have also worked on the Frequency Domain Image Morphing software.

This software can be used to mix two images and generate a set of images containing contents from both of the original images. It is worth mentioning here that most of the work done by these researchers has been published in peer reviewed international conferences and journals.

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