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RCCI International Chambers Summit 2022 Stresses Promotion of Industries

by January 12, 2022 Affairs

The two-day International Chambers Summit 2022 ended on Wednesday with an emphasis on the need for industrialization and the creation of economic zones.

The summit was organized by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) and the Presidents of over 60 Chambers attended it. Prime Minister Imran Khan also graced the summit, wherein he was briefed on the complaints received from the business community.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the summit, President RCCI Nadeem Rauf said economic growth was not possible without industrialization, adding that industrial zones should be created in the country. He further recommended that the export processing zones should be given incentives.

The President RCCI highlighted that the business community had reservations over the mini-budget. The Prime Minister of Pakistan also attended the Conference. He thanked Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Razzaq Dawood for listening to the issues facing the traders along with their suggestions.

The President RCCI demanded of the government to withdraw 17% sales tax on medicines and baby milk formula. He further demanded that the condition of identity cards on purchasers should be abolished. He highlighted that a common man was being affected by the burden of taxes.

Group Leader Sohail Altaf said the mini-budget would raise inflation. He said that taxes on food items and medicines should not be removed. He underlined the RCCI campaign titled, “Anti-Bribery” which, according to him, was endorsed by all the Chambers. He alleged that small shopkeepers were being harassed at the Point of Sale (POS). He said the tax rate for POS should be reduced.

On the sidelines of the summit, a women’s convention was also held, wherein the Presidents highlighted the issues being faced by businesswomen and made recommendations.

Source: Pro Pakistani