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Friday, September 24th, 2021

Rebuilding Livelihoods with Livestock in Pakistan

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Los Angeles: When devastating floods swept through the Nowshera District of Pakistan’s KPK province in July 2010, Laiq Jan—a farmer and father of four young children—lost both his home and his source of livelihood.

The rush of water destroyed much of his small mud house located near the river bank, ruined his personal belongings, and took away two of his most valuable and life-sustaining possessions: a cow and a goat.

Lacking the resources to rebuild his home, and suffering from tuberculosis, Jan and his family spent three months in a displaced persons camp, before returning to live in a tent in their home village.

Back in his village, life remained hard. Living on the meagre daily wages of a small-scale agriculturist, he worried that he would not have the money to construct permanent shelter or to adequately support his young children.

With help from the Relief International Rapid Livelihoods Rebuilding via Livestock project, funded by the American Pakistan Foundation (APF), Jan was given the opportunity to rebuild his livelihood, and to generate enough income to support his family.

Through the project, Jan and 650 other families were given a lactating goat, reviving the small livestock population within flood-affected areas, and providing him and his family with vital nourishment and a source of sustained income.

To supplement the distribution of livestock, Relief International organized capacity building trainings, where beneficiaries learned to use their new animals more productively.

In collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency and APF, Relief International also provided permanent shelter to hundreds of families who lost their housing during the floods—giving them hope for a brighter future.

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