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Friday, July 30th, 2021

Representatives of Parliamentary Reporters Association calls on Speaker National Assembly

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Islamabad: Speaker National Assembly Dr. Fehmida Mirza has said that present parliament strongly believes that independent media is the cornerstone of democracy and has encouraged its growth and constructive criticism. She said that media serves as an interface between the parliament and the public; therefore, it should impartially report the performance of the parliament. Dr. Fehmida Mirza said this while talking to a group of the members of Parliamentary Reporters Association (PRA) who called on her in Parliament House, this afternoon.

While talking to the media representatives, Dr. Fehmida Mirza said that the Parliament represents sovereign will of the people, therefore, it is essential that people have the means to know how the Parliament functions and to help them comprehend as to what extent it is playing its role in translating the people’s aspirations into reality. She said that media is an integral part of the parliamentary system and necessarily it has a vital role to play in strengthening our parliamentary edifice.

She said that it is only by respecting each other’s roles and responsibilities that the Parliament and the media can develop a healthy and cooperative relationship, which is vital for strengthening our democratic structure. She said that it is incumbent upon the media to objectively report the activities of the parliament and its standing committees.

The Speaker appreciated the establishment of the body of Parliamentary Reporters and extended her and National Assembly Secretariat’s support in realizing its objectives. She also informed them about the facilities being providing to the media by the Secretariat at Parliament House to enhance their capacity and to make it more vibrant. She said that after the establishment of Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS), various courses would be conducted to build the capacity of the parliamentary reporters and to make them acquaint with the parliamentary procedures.

The Media Representatives agreed with the Speaker and assured her of their all-out support for constructive reporting of the Parliament. They also thanked the Speaker for the facilities extended to the parliamentary reporters by her Secretariat. Mr. Siddique Sajid, Convener of the PRA Adhoc committee apprised the Speaker about the aims and objectives of the establishment of PRA. He said that a scrutiny committee has been established headed by a senior parliamentary reporter to securitize and compile a list of parliamentary reporters which would serve as the electoral list for conducting elections of representatives of the PRA. He further informed that after the election of the Association, the Adhoc committee would be replaced by the new elected body.

Senior representatives of electronic and print media and officers of the National Assembly Media Wing were present during the meeting.

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