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Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Sabotage hits Karachi Electric Supply Company power plants, grid stations

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has expressed great alarm at the miscreants attack at Bin Qasim Power Plant and SITE Grid Station Saturday morning and demanded immediate State security at all KESC power houses and grid stations to save Karachi from being led into complete darkness.

More than 100 armed miscreants forced entry into Bin Qasim Power Station early this morning and took illegal control of the electricity generating installations. The attackers threatened and harassed the duty staff and blocked their work. The plant engineers somehow persisted to keep running the power generation machines despite of the strong arm invaders prevailing all over. The miscreants left after they threatened the duty staff at BQPS and ordered them to discontinue functioning of the plant otherwise force would be used next time.

The KESC understands that sabotage and subversion by the miscreants has touched danger mark now that there existed risk of power generation getting forced to come to halt which could result in blackout. The power utility alone cannot safeguard its installations from hundreds of armed attackers therefore the government needed to urgently intervene into the matter for the sake of keeping the lights of the City on.

In another development the same morning, over two dozen miscreants besieged the KESC’ grid station providing electricity to factories at SITE and forcefully blocked entry of shift employees into the premises. They manhandled and abused the utility’s employees. Security personnel later reached the scene and dispersed the mob.

Previous night, armed groups of attackers on motorbikes blocked repair work by the KESC maintenance teams at gunpoint and warned the members off teams of grave consequences at various places including Tyre Sole Feeder fault, SITE Industrial Area, Pak Container feeder, SITE Industrial Area, Imran Siddiqui faulty PMT at Lawrence Road.

A team while returning with three faulty PMTs to the KESC’s SITE workshop were made hostages on gunpoint by armed mobsters who threatened them of dire consequences if they continued to perform their responsibilities.

A testing and jointing team was intercepted by armed miscreants while working near Mauripur Grid to locate local fault of Crown Grinding, and were made hostages. The attackers ordered them to stop work and leave the place. They also snatched a fault locating Sesmicphone and tools from the jointer and escaped.

The KESC believes that the Government had a responsibility to control this alarming situation before it gets out of hand, in order to keep the City life working.

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Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
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