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Shahmurad Sugar Mills Limited’s Financial Results for the Half Year Ended 31st March 2011

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Karachi: We have to inform you that Board of Directors of our Company in their meeting held on Thursday, 26th May 2011 at 4.00 p.m. recommended the following:


Cash Dividend for the Half Year ended 31st March 2011 @ Re.NIL per share. Interim Dividend has already been paid at Rs. NIL per share i.e. NIL %.

2) Bonus Issue:

It has also been recommended by the Board of Directors to issue Bonus Share in the proportion of NIL shares for every NIL share held i.e. NIL %. Thus Bonus Share will be entitled/not entitled for the Right Share.

iii) Right Shares

The Board also recommended ti issue NIL% Right Shares at par/at a perium of Rs.NIL per share in proportion of NIL shares for every NIL shares.

The profit and loss Accounts for the period ended 31st March 2011 is annexed herewith.

 For the half yearFor the Quarter
October    to   MarchJanuary   to    March
Cost of Sales(1,898,533)(1,329,971)(1,165,691)(577,095)
Gross Profit485,307277,712368,23865,557
Distribution expenses(42,397)(32,042)(31,732)(16,662)
Administration expenses(55,649)(54,373)(30,358)(32,420)
Other Operating Charges(23,413)(5,575)(21,553)(862)
Profit from operations363,848185,722284,59515,613
Other Operating Income2,9921,1662,9553,713
Finance Cost(185,023)(157,064)(128,821)(104,744)
Profit / (Loss) before taxation181,81729,824158,729(85,418)
Profit / (Loss) after taxation90,20121,57388,518(66,624)
Earning per share-Based and    

For more information, contact:

M.Yasin Mughal

Company Secretary

Shahmurad Sugar Mills Limited

96-A, Sindhi Muslim Housing Society,

Karachi-74000, Pakistan

Tel: +9221 34550161-63

Fax: +9221 34556675



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