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SI Group Announces the Launch of a New Website as a Component of an Overall Brand Initiative

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by September 9, 2011 General, General

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SCHENECTADY, N.Y., Sept. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ –

SI Group announced the unveiling of a new website as a component of its Global Brand launch across all geographies and market segments. SI Group, a worldwide leading producer of chemical intermediates, communicates through its Brand the unique value proposition and key differentiators it offers to its customer base.

The new Brand initiative includes a new Brand identity: a re-design of all print collateral, such as corporate brochures, company fact sheets, folders and presentations, a new tagline “The Substance Inside” and a new Brand Statement:

“We are driven by our relentless commitment to Operational Excellence. Our constantly advancing technology and process efficiencies allow us to manufacture the world class best chemical intermediates to create value that is directly embedded into our customers’ processes and their products. Our perseverance in forming substantive, long-term relationships with our customers adds to the unique essence of who we are.”

The creation of the SI Group Brand has been a deliberate and targeted process. In the spring of 2008, SI Group began an extensive Brand discovery, which included interviews with multiple stakeholders and industry research. This process led to the development of a solid Brand promise and informed the company’s planning for bringing the Brand to life.

“Our Brand mirrors our strategic intent,” explains Stephen J. Large, SI Group President and CEO. “The company’s history dates back to 1906, and while the Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles are proudly maintained, the new Brand was built around SI Group’s Value Proposition and is a projection of our Strategic plan.”

SI Group has embarked on a series of projects, which have been or will be announced in the near future, in alignment with the Strategic direction and positioning of their Brand. The new Brand image includes unique symbols, original color combinations and photography incorporating its people, plants and products, and symbolizing the company essence. The Brand story is told through nine icons representing key pieces of the SI Group process of doing business. The icons showcase the Brand and take us from the formation of long-lasting partnerships to delivering a quality product to customer sites.
They represent the following concepts:

– Power of Partnership – Commitment to ensuring that customer needs will be consistently met or exceeded.
– We Are Worldwide – Emphasis placed on operating and advancing a global footprint of modern facilities, and industry-leading professionals to serve customers in real-time and in any time zone.
– Intelligent R&D – Immersive and cooperative approach to Research and Development to define and achieve precise specification requirements.
– Advanced Pilot Production Facilities – Dedication to operating advanced pilot production facilities to perfect the product and streamline the process.
– Security of Supply – Emphasis on establishing valuable, lasting relationships with the world’s leading suppliers of raw materials.
– Pure Manufacturing Expertise – Strategic investment of resources to design, build and operate advanced precise, high-efficiency manufacturing facilities.
– Responsibility and Safety – Dedication to safeguard our communities and anyone who handles the products at each stage of the products’ lifecycle.
– Packing it Up – Skills in managing the packaging process and the packaging options offered to customers based on the service required.
– Strategic Logistics – Extremely well-organized worldwide supply and logistics network.

The colors, symbols and photos in combination depict the synergy between SI Group’s unique culture and the value it adds to its customers. The new website is the latest accomplishment and the most critical customer and stakeholder touch point. The website,, provides a glimpse of the new Brand image, while SI Group continues to build on all Brand components.

About SI Group
SI Group is a family-owned company founded in 1906 and headquartered in Schenectady, New York. A leading global developer and manufacturer of phenolic resins, alkylphenolic resins, alkylated phenols and other chemical intermediates, SI Group operates 20 facilities in 12 countries around the world. For more information about SI Group, visit


CONTACT: Juliana Lam
Global Brand and Communications
SI Group


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