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Sindh Shuts Down CNG Stations for 3 Days Again

by April 14, 2022 Affairs

Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) has once again shut down all Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations across Sindh for three days. The company mentioned the rapid depletion of gas reserves as a reason for the closure.

A spokesperson told the media that all CNG stations across Sindh have been ordered to stay closed for 72 hours between 8 am on April 15, Friday, and 8 am on April 18, Monday. He added that the company will also cut off gas supply to all general industry and captive power plants for 24 hours starting from 8 am on Sunday.

He highlighted that the shutdown is a part of gas load management program which the SSGCL has implemented to manage the ongoing shortfall. An official notification from the company read:

Keeping in view the short supply of gas in SSGCL system, the availability of gas has decreased resulting in depletion of line pack/low pressure in the system. In compliance with sectoral priority order in force for gas load management, all CNG Stations in Sindh (including those being operating on RLNG), will remain closed.

The last closure announcement from SSGC came just over a week ago on April 8, 2022. With the ongoing gas shortfall despite the conclusion of the winter season, the well-being of several industries appears to be in jeopardy.

Source: Pro Pakistan