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Speaker National Assembly Attends 2600 Years Anniversary of Buddha

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Islamabad: Dr. Fehmida Mirza, Speaker National Assembly attended 2600 years anniversary of Buddha held at United Nations on Monday. Permanent Ambassador of Pakistan, Abdullah Hussain Haroon accompanied the Speaker.

Addressing the ceremony the Speaker, National Assembly highlighted the life and teaching of greatest sages known as Buddha. She said that Buddha was born in Nepal in the year approximately 563 BC and he was fully transcendent and a perfect human being who was unencumbered by the mundane world.

She said that under the great sage Udaka Ramaputta he had learnt high levels of meditative consciousness but with Kaundinya, he progressed towards greater austerity to find enlightenment through derivation and asceticism for all worldly possessions and through self mortification and starvation where upon he lived on either a beetle nut or leaf daily.

She said his enlightenment became the four noble truths that raised him to a State of supreme liberation, Nirvana. She said that this was the perfect state of mind that was free from any ignorance, greed, hatred and any afflictive defilements. She said that according to Dharma belief Nirvana was also known as the end of the World where no boundaries or personal identity of the mind remains. She appreciated the steps being taken by the UN for promoting the enlightenment and teaching of great Buddha.

Abdullah Hussain Haroon, permanent Ambassador of Pakistan in UN also addressed the ceremony and highlighted important aspect of life and enlightenment of Buddha. He also thanked the madam Speaker for attending the ceremony.

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